Before & After Smile Gallery

Crooked Teeth / Crowding Gallery

Misaligned or crooked teeth can give an unsightly smile and cause difficulty when cleaning.

We offer many treatment solutions including Short Term Adult Orthodontics, Six Month Smiles and Digital Smile Designing that can help you feel better and more at ease with your smile.

At The Perfect Smile, we provide a detailed treatment planning process so you can make an educated decision on which approach is the best opportunity for you.

Chris M
Jessica H
Reece F

Veneers & Discoloured Teeth Gallery

There are many treatment options available if you have discoloured, stained or decaying teeth. Our advanced teeth whitening systems can create attractive results that are fast, easy and affordable. Other choices include Instant Veneers or UltraThin Veneers.

Both these options are minimally invasive and result in stunning smiles.

Stephen F
Sarah K
Gary P

Gaps Before & After Gallery

Spaces between teeth can create an unsightly smile, difficulty with eating, and low self-esteem in patients. Get in contact with The Perfect Smile and we can offer a detailed assessment, followed by a corrective treatment procedure outline. This allows you to work out how to move forward with a long term solution to give you your dream smile.

Your options include Digital Smile Designing, Instant Veneers, UltraThin Veneers or Short Term Adult Orthodontics that result in beautiful looking teeth.

Gary P
Jane W
Anita O

Implants Gallery

Often teeth are lost due to decay, deterioration, trauma or gum infection – this can result in deep pockets and gaps that cause difficulties in chewing and increase the amount of pressure on the remaining teeth. Dental implant systems are excellent choices for missing teeth.

Your choices include traditional dental implants and the latest immediate & fixed one-day solutions.

Olayinka M
Helen H
Jennifer K

Old Crowns Gallery

Old restorations such as old crowns and fillings can create infection and decay problems, which can lead to unstable and deteriorating teeth. They can also look awful and compromise the cosmetic appeal of your smile.

We can restore your tooth’s foundations and significantly improve the aesthetics using innovative dental technology.

Stephen F
Karen B
Greg H

Worn Teeth Gallery

Sometimes teeth can be irreversibly damaged by daily wear and tear or by acid erosion. They end up losing their original shape and form resulting in a shorter, yellower and a more aged appearance of your teeth.

Fortunately, clever innovative techniques can restore your teeth, chewing ability and smile back to health and great looking aesthetics.

Stephen F
Charity P
David F

Narrow Smiles Gallery

Narrow smiles can create a pin increased perception of large-sized front teeth and an increased focus on the front teeth. It also casts a black shadow over your back teeth. Widening the smile with porcelain veneers can make both natural and glamorous improvements to your smile.

This is often carried out with Ultrathin Veneers or Lumineers as there is usually no need for any preparation to be carried out to the teeth when widening the smile.

Anita O
Karina S
Jenny F