Worn Teeth Gallery

Sometimes teeth can be irreversibly damaged by daily wear and tear or by acid erosion. They end up losing their original shape and form resulting in a shorter, yellower and a more aged appearance of your teeth.

Fortunately, clever innovative techniques can restore your teeth, chewing ability and smile back to health and great looking aesthetics.

Roy Worn Teeth Before Roy Worn Teeth After
Roy B.

“I was very apprehensive about treatment due to many factors like my age etc. Through a professional and expert caring journey, I have received treatment and care that made me realise this was the right thing to do! I now do not hesitate to smile as my mouth is healthy as well as having a great appearance!”

Gemma Worn Teeth Before Gemma Worn Teeth After
Gemma I.

“Most dentists deal with one problem at a time, without taking the whole face, mouth, bite and general appearance into account. I was forever having one thing done and immediately after having something else cause me problems. There is an incredible difference at The Perfect Smile Studios. By looking to the long term, they gave me a perfect finished product — A Perfect Smile.”

David Worn Teeth Before David Worn Teeth After
David S.

“Last summer I was on the hunt for a new dentist, I was aware that I had an erosion problem and no dentist could ever tell me why, it was frustrating…”


Ben Worn Teeth Before Ben Worn Teeth After
Ben I.

“It’s a different experience visiting The Perfect Smile Studios than any other dentists. From the moment I had my initial assessment, I realised I’d come to the right place…”


Chris Worn Teeth Before Chris Worn Teeth After
Chris D.
Gary Worn Teeth Before Gary Worn Teeth After
Gary C.
David Worn Teeth Before David Worn Teeth After
David F.
Charity Worn Teeth Before Charity Worn Teeth After
Charity P.
Stephen Worn Teeth Before Stephen Worn Teeth After
Stephen F.