Before & After: Ben I.

Ben Worn Teeth Before Ben Worn Teeth After

“It’s a different experience visiting The Perfect Smile Studios than any other dentists. From the moment I had my initial assessment, I realised I’d come to the right place. You never make a judgement, you’re all so kind and understanding.

Your mandate is clear, to help those that step through your doors no matter how much the effort and to ensure we get the best and healthiest smile possible and to make every visit a positive one.

I just got the sense I was travelling a well trodden path to treatment. You’re all so professional and take the superb work you do all in your stride.

You gave me my life back and you were always confident and reassuring you would. I can smile and talk with confidence again, such a little thing but so precious. It was quite a journey but we got there in the end, together.

I thank you all, my friends.”