Patient Membership Plan

As a valued patient of Perfect Smile Studios, we would like to introduce you to our dental plan called Privilege Plan – providing additional benefits for you and your family and making your regular appointments and any general dental treatment or cosmetic dentistry that may be required.

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Why Join the Privilege Patient Membership Plan?

You will have access to exclusive benefits within the practice and, most importantly, reductions in the cost of dental treatment and facial aesthetics.

There is clear evidence within our practice that patients on a plan attend routine examinations more regularly and, as a result, require less future treatment overall. 

This means that we can help you to maintain your oral and dental health more effectively.

Take a Look at Some of the Benefits Included in the Privilege Plan Membership:

  • Regular dental examinations. This means that we can help to stabilise your mouth and detect deterioration early to prevent future problems in your mouth.
  • Free Consultations. We are happy to discuss any concerns you may have or help to advise you correctly on any aspect of your dental health. This enables you to get the best out of dentistry and your health.
  • Regular dental hygiene treatments. These appointments are important to help you maintain a healthy mouth and prevent dental infections. We can also help to provide you with personalised home oral hygiene programs.
  • Routine small radiographs (X-rays). Sometimes dental decay can infect a tooth, but the tooth may appear as healthy. In these instances, radiographs help to “see” infections deep in or around the tooth. Routine radiographs help with early detection.
  • Meaningful reductions in fees for general dental treatment. If you find that you are in need of more advanced dental treatment the Privilege Plan membership can help to make the treatment costs more affordable for you.
  • Worldwide Dental Accident and Emergency Insurance. You can feel confident and reassured if you experience dental problems while away from home or on holiday. This insurance cover also provides an oral cancer cover.

Pay Monthly With 0%

Pay monthly with 0% interest for amazing, discreet dental solutions that realign your smile. Our recommended treatments have left thousands of patients feeling better and more confident about their appearance and how their smile functions.

For More Information

There are a variety of plans that you can choose from depending on your dental needs and requirements.

Our Perfect Smile Managers and Treatment Coordinators have been trained to help you in choosing the best plan that is appropriate for you and your family. Our Team will be happy to help you find out more or to discuss the Privilege Plan membership in more detail. Also, if you would prefer to speak to a Perfect Smile Studios dentist, please mention this to any of our staff.

Please click here to download the Privilege Plan leaflet or you can apply to become a Privilege Plan Member by clicking here.

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