Before & After: David S.

David Worn Teeth Before David Worn Teeth After

“Last summer I was on the hunt for a new dentist, I was aware that I had an erosion problem and no dentist could ever tell me why, it was frustrating. I’ll be honest I didn’t know much about the Perfect Smile, I hadn’t ever watched Extreme Makeover! My first attraction was driving past the building, It struck me as being very modern, forward thinking, trendy, it looked the “place to go” and that was just from the outside. Of course once I started asking people I became more aware of their reputation so phoned the practice to get an appointment.

I can honestly say that opened me up to a whole new world, one I didn’t think was even an option. For years on travels to the USA I had always been amazed at how the Americans have such great teeth, and that was it, we just make do with what we got but keep them healthy, they get their teeth looking perfect! That’s just the way it is… Well I was wrong, having met the team I realised I too could have that “perfect smile”. Everyone is so professional, from the first assessment you understand just how passionate they are about perfection, you get all the options laid out, explained in detail, meet the team in a relaxing environment, every detail is catered for, even down to the room temperature and what radio station you prefer when having work done.

They use state of the art computers to map your mouth and show how things could be, they have full financial options that make it very affordable, the list goes on… You really do know they care, I even had a phone call from Dr Doshi literally when he was getting off a plane from a conference in the USA saying he had discussed my case and found the answer to my erosion problem, something other dentists even after years of being a patient were unable to find.

I wouldn’t say I was ever scared of dentistry, I probably like most would rather avoid being worked on where possible but The Perfect Smile are so good at making you feel at ease, it was very soon actually something I was looking forward to rather than dreading. Every time I visited I looked forward to seeing the results. the work was painless, the care and attention to detail flawless and I can honestly say life changing, since I’ve had my new smile I really cant stop smiling, I feel so much more confident in myself and I think more and more people are becoming aware that a good smile is something that is achievable and very desirable and I would recommend people to the Perfect Smile without a doubt they are the market leaders and trend setters in that field.

Finally I’d like to thank the whole team for their amazing work and professionalism, as well as the Nurses and support staff who have all been so helpful and friendly the whole way through, I’ve even had the pleasure of meeting some of them socially and class everyone at the Perfect Smile as friends now.”