Narrow Smiles Gallery

Narrow smiles can create a pin increased perception of large-sized front teeth and an increased focus on the front teeth. It also casts a black shadow over your back teeth. Widening the smile with porcelain veneers can make both natural and glamorous improvements to your smile.

This is often carried out with Ultrathin Veneers or Lumineers as there is usually no need for any preparation to be carried out to the teeth when widening the smile.

Lynn Narrow Smiles Before Lynn Narrow Smiles After
Lynn C.

“I was always unhappy with my smile and very self-conscious about smiling, especially for photos. I had seen what fantastic results the Perfect Smile Studios had achieved with other patients. I felt very confident I could have a great smile too. They brought out the real me and I am so pleased with the results.”

Linda Narrow Smiles Before Paul Old Crowns After
Linda R.

The patient had been disappointed and slightly concerned about the shape and colour of her teeth. For purely cosmetic reasons, the patient wished to enhance the overall appearance of their smile.


Clare Narrow Smiles Before Clare Narrow Smiles After
Clare E.

The nicotine and tar found in tobacco often cause severe yellow staining of the teeth. Whilst staying on top of your oral hygiene routine can help to combat this, sometimes it can be too late to reverse the effects.


Jenny Narrow Smiles Before Jenny Narrow Smiles After
Jenny F.

In minor cases of fixing crooked and uneven teeth, dental bonding is often used as it applies a composite resin to the surface of the affected tooth.


Helen Narrow Smiles Before Helen Narrow Smiles After
Helen D.
Louise Narrow Smiles Before Louise Narrow Smiles After
Louise H.
Taryn Narrow Smiles Before Taryn Narrow Smiles After
Rachel Narrow Smiles Before Rachel Narrow Smiles After
Rachel D.
Karina Narrow Smiles Before Karina Narrow Smiles After
Karina S.
Anita Narrow Smiles Before Anita Narrow Smiles After
Anita O.