Before & After: Jenny F.

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Veneers to Fix Uneven Smiles

In minor cases of fixing crooked and uneven teeth, dental bonding is often used as it applies a composite resin to the surface of the affected tooth.

Cosmetic bonding is often the easiest and ideal choice for patients wishing to close gaps, reshape teeth or lighten discoloured teeth.

However, veneers are often used to create a more believable, straight smile.

The patient wished to receive the Hollywood Smile — where all her teeth would align correctly. Long teeth in the front over-exaggerated the appearance of the narrow smile. The patient also requested that we address the discolouration problem in the front incisors.

As braces were not an option for the patient, highly-recommended porcelain veneers were applied to the entire upper jaw. A complete smile makeover, the veneers were used to create the appearance of an even, white smile.