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Often teeth are lost due to decay, deterioration, trauma or gum infection – this can result in deep pockets and gaps that cause difficulties in chewing and increase the amount of pressure on the remaining teeth. Dental implant systems are excellent choices for missing teeth.

Your choices include traditional dental implants and the latest immediate & fixed one-day solutions.

Lin Dental Implants Before Lin Dental Implants After
Lin K.

The patient had been experiencing numerous problems with her oral condition. She had missing teeth in the upper and lower jaw, as well as crooked and decaying teeth throughout, which was also giving the appearance of discolouration.


Jennifer Dental Implants Before Jennifer Dental Implants After
Jennifer K.

“Before my treatment at The Perfect Smile Studios I hated to have my photo taken as I found smiling embarrassing and tended to have my hand in front of my mouth a lot of the time…”


Helen Dental Implants Before Helen Dental Implants After
Helen H.

“Just wanted to let you know that I am loving my new smile and so is everyone else. My Dad can’t believe the difference and keeps going on about my teeth…”


Olayinka Dental Implants Before Olayinka Dental Implants After
Olayinka M.

The patient was experiencing severe problems with his oral health and hygiene having lost two incisor teeth either side on his upper jaw.


Christina Crooked Teeth Before Christina Crooked Teeth After
Christina R.