Old Crowns Gallery

Old restorations such as old crowns and fillings can create infection and decay problems, which can lead to unstable and deteriorating teeth. They can also look awful and compromise the cosmetic appeal of your smile.

We can restore your tooth’s foundations and significantly improve the aesthetics using innovative dental technology.

Maria Old Crowns Before Maria Old Crowns After
Maria D.

“A Big thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have given me the most precious gift anyone could give me, and that’s my smile. Thank you for being patient with me and making my dental experience a good one. Thank you.”

Paul Old Crowns Before Paul Old Crowns After
Paul N.

“Most dentists deal with one problem at a time, without taking the whole face, mouth, bite and general appearance into account. I was forever having one thing done and immediately after having something else cause me problems. There is an incredible difference at The Perfect Smile Studios. By looking to the long term, they gave me a perfect finished product — A Perfect Smile.”

Teresa Old Crowns Before Teresa Old Crowns After
Teresa T.

“Since I had my treatment, I have felt so much more confident whilst smiling and I cannot begin to count how many people (complete strangers) have walked up to me to say how good my teeth are. Thank you.”

Faye Old Crowns Before Faye Old Crowns After
Faye I.
Alison Old Crowns Before Alison Old Crowns After
Alison B.
Greg Old Crowns Before Greg Old Crowns After
Greg H.
Karen Old Crowns Before Karen Old Crowns After
Karen B.
Stephen Veneers Before Stephen Veneers After
Stephen F.