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Crooked Teeth Gallery​

Misaligned or crooked teeth can give an unsightly smile and cause difficulty when cleaning.

We offer many treatment solutions including Short Term Adult Orthodontics, Six Month Smiles and Digital Smile Designing that can help you feel better and more at ease with your smile.

At The Perfect Smile, we provide a detailed treatment planning process so you can make an educated decision on which approach is the best opportunity for you.

Leanne Crooked Teeth Before Leanne Crooked Teeth After
Leanne C.

“My teeth were really crooked which made me feel self conscious. My new smile has really made a difference to me — The Perfect Smile Studios have given me the best smile ever!”

Nicola Crooked Teeth Before Nicola Crooked Teeth After
Nicola H.

“I used to feel very self-conscious about my smile. I would cover my mouth when laughing and ask for photos to be taken from another angle. I went to The Perfect Smile because I heard they were the best. Now thanks to them I really do have my perfect smile!”

Joel Crooked Teeth Before Joel Crooked Teeth After
Joel R.

“The Team at The Perfect Smile made me feel very relaxed during my treatment. I have had a lot of positive responses about my smile and now can smile with confidence.”

Lynn Crooked Teeth Before Lynn Crooked Teeth aFTER
Lynn C.

“I was always unhappy with my smile and very self-conscious about smiling, especially for photos. I had seen what fantastic results the Perfect Smile Studios had achieved with other patients. I felt very confident I could have a great smile too. They brought out the real me and I am so pleased with the results.”

Jane Crooked Teeth Before Jane Crooked Teeth After
Jane G.​

Jane’s teeth had become crooked due to overcrowding in the mouth and as her overall oral health was in a good condition she was a prime candidate for the treatment.


Mirander Crooked Teeth Before Mirander Crooked Teeth After
Mirander C.

The patient had requested the following treatments: Durathin; one of the cheapest veneer treatments Teeth whitening; to fix fluorosis and staining Using Durathin veneers to cover the upper four incisors, the patient achieved a celebrity smile quickly and easily.


Christina Crooked Teeth Before Christina Crooked Teeth After
Christina R.
Helen Crooked Teeth Before Helen Crooked Teeth After
Helen D.
Louise Crooked Teeth Before Louise Crooked Teeth After
Louise H.
Taryn Crooked Teeth Before Taryn Crooked Teeth After
Georgina Crooked Teeth Before Georgina Crooked Teeth After
Georgina J.
Luke M Crooked Teeth Before Luke M Crooked Teeth After
Luke M.
Natasha Crooked Teeth Before Natasha Crooked Teeth After
Natasha C.
Leanne Crooked Teeth Before Leanne Crooked Teeth After
Leanne S.
Reece Crooked Teeth Before Reece Crooked Teeth After
Reece F.
Jessica Crooked Teeth Before Jessica Crooked Teeth After
Jessica H.
Chris Crooked Teeth Before Chris Crooked Teeth After
Chris M.