Truths behind at-home treatments for teeth

Avoid At-Home Tooth Whitening Strips, Kits and Bleaching Devices

With a lot of the world spending their time at home recently due to the current pandemic, there has been an increase in people seeking out at-home tooth bleaching kits.

Whilst this is understandable, as professionals dentists, we cannot help but also feel slightly concerned.

We do not want patients off of the idea of receiving teeth whitening treatment, that’s why we are encouraging people at home to avoid these treatments so that they do not form a bad opinion from the results they receive.

Professional tooth whitening carried out in a dental practice is so much more effective than anything you can buy in the shop or online.

Here are the facts:

  • At-home whitening kits contain around 3 to 20 per cent carbamide or hydrogen peroxides
  • In-house dental treatment methods contain 15 to 43 per cent peroxide

EU regulations ensure that over the counter teeth whitening kits sold in the UK can only contain up to 0.1% hydrogen peroxide, while dentist-supplied kits can contain up to 6%. Metro.

Not only this, but at-home gels require the user to wear them for a lot longer and still produce a much less effective result.

Tooth whitening carried out by a dentist can be done in just 30 minutes and can last as long as seven years.

Where most at-home tooth whitening does not even work at all, you just need to see a few online retailer reviews to discover that!

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Don’t get lured in by social media, influencers and celebs

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Mostly everyone has tried teeth whitening strips, accessible almost everywhere and promising amazing results, people cannot help but feel disappointed after three weeks of no visible enhancements.

With the rise of social media, many retailers and stockists of teeth whitening products tend to use influencers, celebrities and advertisements to push certain products.

Stop wasting your money

The use of filters on social media also make results look whiter and more effective, but it is often the case that the person promoting the teeth whitening devices or strips either have veneers (stain-resistant and whitened), or have had professional tooth whitening in the past. Read reviews.

Do not be fooled. Whilst some products can make teeth appear slightly brighter and cleaner, these at-home kits are not known to have lasting results and can be extremely disappointing.

The peroxide level is so low that it is unlikely to remove any of the intrinsic tooth discolourations, so some users will be disappointed, depending on precisely why the teeth are unsightly. Source.

Comparing the cost

The strongest whitening strips you can probably buy in the UK will cost £40 for 14 treatments, but you have to wear the whitening strip for an hour, which if you wear, will find out it is quite a big investment of your time.

The difference? Not worth wearing for an hour every night for two weeks. Especially as teeth bounce back to their original shade.

Whereas teeth whitening dental practices can charge from £200, be more effective (targets that actual enamel pigments) and lasts for years.

Pros and cons.

Our prices:

  • Teeth whitening One Arch £260
  • Teeth whitening Both arches £380

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Are at-home whitening kits dangerous?

No matter which treatment you opt for, there is a chance that your gums may react to the chemicals used in the whitening agent and become sensitive, this could be especially true for people who already experience sensitive teeth.

More seriously, whitening kits used incorrectly at home can harm tooth enamel (does not grow back) and can cause burns to the gums. If you are to proceed, please do so with caution.

Before you believe what you see on the internet, consult a professional

Even during the pandemic, dental offices are permitted to be open and undertake all the necessary precautions and measures to keep staff and patients safe.

If you are unsure of anything at all to do with your oral health or hygiene, you can always schedule an online video call with us, or speak to us on the phone, where we can advise you on the best next steps.

Tooth whitening methods like the Zoom system whitens teeth very quickly, involving no recovery period, so patients are able to carry out their treatment privately without having their social or work lives affected.

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