Star Quality Cosmetic Treatments: London’s Favourite Cosmetic Dentists

Top, Famous Cosmetic Dentists in London & Hertfordshire

Here at The Perfect Smile, we’re not just like any other private dental practice. We are one of the largest, most popular cosmetic clinics in the UK.

With clinics across London and Hertfordshire, thousands of patients and celebrities trust us with their smiles every year.

Our secret to success? You could say it’s because we deliver advanced treatments and provide high-quality results, but we would not be able to do this without the skill, talent and experience of our impressive dental team.

Made up of specialists across varied fields of dentistry, Instagram famous dentists and passionate dental educators, our opinion is trusted and highly regarded.

London’s rising cosmetic dental stars

Believe it or not, the dental community is a big one, and it is a competitive one.

Talented cosmetic dentists are able to reach fanbases using social media and directly show audiences the amazing results they can achieve.

Who is the best dentist in the UK?

Leading dentists and rising stars like Shaz Memon; cosmetic dentist turned dental marketer is one of the most influential people in UK dentistry.

Other amazing dentists include some of our own, like Dr Rahul Doshi, who is also one of the UK’s most influential dentists and Dr Sam Jethwa, an award-winning smile designer and director of the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

How we pair the right cosmetic dentist to you

Cosmetic dentistry is definitely one of our specialities, most of our operating dentists have a special interest in this field. See our treatments.

Our more accomplished and dedicated cosmetic dentists design and craft hundreds of every year and consistently receive five-star reviews from our happy patients.

During a free cosmetic dentistry consultation, we will assess your mouth and conduct an examination to learn more about your current oral condition. 

This is also a great opportunity for us to get to know you better and gain a better idea of the smile you are trying to achieve and walk out with.

After making and agreeing on suggested cosmetic procedures to enhance your smile, we will be able to assign the right dentist to your unique case.

Here are some more of The Perfect Smile’s dental experts:

Select the best cosmetic dentist for you:

  • Dr Gurs Sehmi (GDC No. 103934): Very experienced implantologist with a special interest in Adult Orthodontics. Dr Sehmi has placed hundreds of implants and straightened hundreds of smiles. You will likely not find a more recommended orthodontist or implantologist anywhere else in the UK.
  • Dr Kuljeet Mehta (GDC Number: 81789): A specialist periodontist – this is a dentist who specialises in the care of gums and periodontal disease. Using corrective and innovative methods in implant dentistry, Dr Mehta works across restorative dentistry to deliver exceptional results across pre-implant procedures and post-implant procedures.
  • Dr Sam Jethwa GDC No. 229989: Dr Jethwa is our veneer expert! He handmakes every porcelain shell specifically to your requirements, which makes him very sought after by our celebrity clientele.

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The benefits of a one-to-one

  • Feel more in control of your treatment and final outcome
  • Design the smile you want with your dentist
  • Try on and see the finished result before we make them permanent
  • Have the chance to look into your oral health and expose any problems that could affect you later on
  • Experience the VIP treatment
  • Comfortable experience

Finding a good dentist in London:

impressive veneer reviews londonHere’s why you need The Perfect Smile…

  • Thousands of happy patients
  • Five-star reviews. See veneer reviews.
  • Cosmetic dentist to celebrities
  • BACD members and directors
  • State of the art lab
  • Star quality treatments

We are very confident in our abilities.

We know that finding a cosmetic dentist to transform your smile correctly using high-quality aesthetic treatments and restorations can be difficult.

We know this because patients often come to us unhappy with their previous cosmetic treatments and need them redoing or replacing.

This is why it’s important for patients to be selective when considering cosmetic dentists because it’s not a specialist field, any dentist can claim they are a cosmetic dentist.

Choosing dentists who are dedicated to education and learning will make all the difference – make sure they are trusted by the GDC, this information should be available on their website. You can see our dentist’s registration numbers above.

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