I paid £80 a month for my dental veneers and I couldn’t be happier

A real patient review

Do you hate your smile? Are you embarrassed to open your mouth? Do you think no one will fancy you because of it?

These were all emotions I experienced on a daily basis. 

Of course, everyone has insecurities or parts of their body they are unhappy with. But, in my experience, my insecurity got in the way of everything.

Cancelled meetings, cancelled dates, anxiety in my chest when meeting someone new, not smiling for photos… These were just a few of the activities that were disrupted by the way I felt.

For me, I tried self-love, I tried to embrace my smile even when others did not. However, that did not seem to get me much further either.

So why didn’t I do anything about it? I tried, for years. I’ve been through countless treatments and trusted the wrong dentists, was quoted thousands and thousands of pounds, and I was really at a point of despair.

That was until one Google search really changed my life. Here’s my story…

Tired of feeling depressed

Since a very young age, I have had a severe overbite that was getting yellower and yellower as I grew. Imagine Austin Powers.

I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me, and it may sound silly to others who cannot relate, but my teeth really held me back from a lot of social situations and prevented me from starting new relationships.

Even a simple act like kissing someone new made me more nervous than normal. Would my teeth hit against his? Would they get in the way?

As a girl, I have to admit, being perceived as attractive is important. Well, it was important to me. How I felt about myself was not to be taken lightly.

I’ve had so many friends tell me it does not matter, so why then would I still consistently catch people staring at my mouth in meetings in my mid-twenties.

No one could tell me it didn’t matter, because it did. 

Tried and tested traditional treatments that failed

From a young age, oral health care became a priority as I desperately tried to fix the state of my teeth. But brushing and flossing could only do so much.

At eleven years old, I was fitted with fixed, metal braces, which straightened my teeth, but in the end, did nothing to tame my overbite and my yellow teeth just got worse. (link when live)

Truthfully, I never wore my retainer as much as I should have, but even this was embarrassing.

Repair My TeethSo as the problem was still not fixed, at fourteen I went to a dentist privately, who fitted me with a bonded retainer (still to this day, do not really know what it is), which always snapped and caused me aggravation and pain.

And believe it or not, it wasn’t until last year when I was 29 that I actually had this broken bar finally removed. This is because every dentist I went to in London after moving refused to remove it, which was frightening in itself.

Then, last year, after excessive late-night Googling on “how to fix my bite”, I was bombarded with ads for Invisalign, which I was seriously considering. Third time lucky?

I even went for a consultation and was about to proceed with the treatment (I had the money saved), until I received news that I would be starting a new job as a lawyer.

This meant I would have to be in court daily, for which Invisalign would really not be suitable. Opening my mouth was difficult enough already, let alone to begin to worry about any lisps or accidents when I was presenting.

So, Invisalign was off the table, and I began to lose hope.

  • You can read more about Invisalign here.

The Google search that changed everything

For years, whenever I googled “fix my overbite” I was met with new, modern and advanced types of braces.

By this point, I had already decided that it was just not for me and refused to believe that there was nothing else dentistry could offer me, so I started to look into cosmetic options and came across veneers.

Anyone who has the internet has seen the peg-trends, where people’s teeth are shaved down completely to have their veneers fitted. This obviously put me off, and it was this thought that actually delayed me from pursuing this treatment.

So, instead, I met with experts! I booked a consultation with the Perfect Smile after seeing their credentials and knowing that they were trusted by celebrities.

I thought, if I’m going to spend the money, I’m going to spend it correctly and use professionals who can get the job done right the first time.

During my consultation, veneers were recommended to me and I instantly thought ‘here we go’.

But the dentist actually told me that there were veneer systems like ultrathin veneers (what I was eventually fitted with) that involve no drilling or shaving because they bond to the front surface of the tooth instead.

We also discussed another non-invasive option like composite veneers, which are sculpted directly onto the tooth to create custom shapes and lengths.

These types of veneers are actually so much cheaper than regular porcelain veneers and start from £750 per tooth.

However, in the end, I opted for porcelain just because they last longer, I wanted something that would keep and make me feel confident for life and porcelain veneers were just the best option for this scenario.

Then after seeing what my smile would like on the big screen I was sold.

How I paid for my cheap veneers

veneer before and after

I would walk you through the application process, but it was fairly simple and straightforward. In just three appointments I got to design, try on and be fitted with my new smile – it was incredible. See my veneers.

The procedure was pain-free, local anaesthetic was used and the discomfort after minimal.

The most amazing factor was the cost of my veneers.

Obviously, we have all seen celebrities sport white, pearly veneers, which they must have paid thousands for.

My veneers, no difference in strength, durability or quality cost me ONLY £80 a month, which I paid off in a period of 24 months.

This felt no different to any usual direct debit that came out of my account, to think my phone bill costs the same amount a month, let alone my car finance payments of £180.

I only needed four veneers, which required no deposit. As I had some money saved for Invisalign previously, I used half of this money to give an upfront payment to reduce my monthly outgoings.

You can use this finance calculator to see how you can spread the payments – this is how I worked everything out prior to application.

Veneers cost £1,200 per veneer. You pay for the skill and expertise of the dentist, the technology and your smile makeover appointments, your consultation and your trial smile.

See the cost of veneers.

Final thoughts

Do I have any regrets? Certainly not.

Do whatever you need to do to make yourself happy, that’s my advice. I feel much better in myself, truly and you can’t put a price on that.

Now, aged 31, I feel like I can really begin to start living.

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