How early detection of problems can save you from heavy invasive dental work

Spot Dental Problems Early: Save Time & Money

What’s great about today’s cosmetic dentistry treatment options is that many of the procedures can be performed without damaging or altering your original tooth shape, structure or size.

Here at The Perfect Smile, we believe minimally-invasive cosmetic dentistry is very important, especially as it can be applied to very many different oral conditions and situations.

But when the oral foundation or structure has been damaged or destroyed, heavy reconstructive work will be the only solution that can help.

Invasive cosmetic procedures can be costly for patients as they require more hours sitting in the dental chair and multiple treatments to restore the mouth’s appearance and functionality.


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Early detection makes all the difference

Six-month dental check-ups are actually designed to act as a form of preventative oral health care and maintenance, which is aimed at keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

It’s important to keep up with your appointments and take good care of your teeth because your teeth are an important aspect of your face.

They enhance your appearance, change your face shape and make you look younger.

But by taking care of them, you always give yourself the chance to qualify easily for advanced and modern treatments that are conservative and preservative of your teeth.

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Avoid lengthier and more invasive treatments

Early detection of your dental problems can actually go a long way to allowing you to be a candidate for conservative treatment approaches like veneers now, or in the future.

Save money on dental fees: Example of costs:

1. Heavy crown restoration for teeth heavily damaged by decay

Smile Makeover replacement crownsCrowns are prescribed to protect what is left of the tooth as well as restoring a gap. In situations of extreme decay and cracking of the tooth, crowns will be needed to protect what is left.

An invasive procedure will require the tooth to be filed; the size and shape need to be altered as crowns are like caps that fit over your teeth snuggly.

Unfortunately, patients finding themselves in these situations are not good candidates for more advanced procedures like natural-looking veneers. This is because they are applied directly to the front surface of the tooth, so they would need tooth structure to adhere to.

Patients with small chips and cracks can look into composite bonding to rebuild the tooth, however, this is not permanent and is prone to chips and breaks too. So patients will need to be careful about undertaking this procedure.

Total cost: From £1,200 per tooth

Other alternatives could involve tooth extraction and a dental implant to replace the open gap.

2. Implants will require surgery to place and cost from £1,250 (not including the abutment teeth).

Early detection of this problem can save you thousands of pounds. 

A regular check-up with a private dentist can be from just £30.

Decay that is caught early can be treated with many different procedures, one of them being fillings, the most expensive being tooth-coloured porcelain fillings, which can start from £150.

Get checked regularly

Often once heavy damage has occurred there’s not much more we can do to keep the original tooth intact. This also reduces the chances for any minimally-invasive treatments to be performed.

This can mean the larger portions of your natural tooth might need to be removed to allow for heavier restorations needed to regain structure and strength.

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