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How Fixing Your Teeth Can Fix Your Face

Did you know that there’s a wide world of anti-ageing dental treatments out there?

Not only are thousands of people beginning to discover the true benefits of cosmetic dentistry, but are beginning to choose them over plastic surgery enhancements.

Using modern orthodontics, restoration techniques and custom smile design, a skilled dentist can manipulate the shape and size of your face.

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Through the arrangement of teeth, a dentist can subtract years from your face.

For example, have you ever known anyone with dentures? Have you noticed when they take their teeth out, the person looks frighteningly older?

This is because, without the support of teeth, your face sags shrinks and collapses onto itself.

So if dentures have the ability to fill out your face and make you look less old, imagine what new, innovative dental procedures can do.

Dentists now are not only able to fix smile imperfections and straighten teeth, but they can fully reconstruct any smile you wish for without damaging your underlying oral structure. 

Face shapes and dental problems

What is not so commonly known is that when people look in the mirror and see signs of ageing and have a full set of teeth, they may not connect the dots in thinking that their teeth could be the reason for a loss of structure.

As we get older, our faces tend to lose volume in our bones and soft tissues, this is also the same for teeth.

Don’t forget your cheeks and lips are supported by your teeth and jaw, so their size and shape can impact the shape of your face.

Ageing causes teeth to become:

  • Shorter: After grinding and clenching teeth begin to wear down, which results in a shorter looking face. Treatments recommended for improving this is often porcelain veneers, which can offer a more sturdy solution to composite bonding when adding length to the teeth. Porcelain veneers are very strong and very durable, they also offer patients to design the smile they want and fix multiple imperfections at once, and in one sitting. Discover more.
  • Narrower: As the jawbones push teeth inward over time (clenching accelerates this), smiles become narrower, which means the cheek and skin are no longer supported. This is often described as facial hollowing. Lips also curl in. Treatments often recommended in these situations often include some modern orthodontic solution like Invisalign. However, even though it is discreet, this is not always an option for older patients, who want something faster and more instant. Learn more. In this case, veneers again do a great job at correcting narrow smiles.
  • Yellower: Teeth certainly discolour and stain over time. White smiles are often associated with youthful and vibrant smiles, which encourages a lot of patients to seek out teeth whitening treatments to improve the look of their smile. If you are to pursue tooth whitening, we would highly recommend not wasting your money and opting to carry out a professional tooth whitening procedure at a dental office. The results are safer, take half the time and are more effective than anything else you can buy, but again even dental-grade tooth whitening is not permanent but can last a few years.

Fillers vs cosmetic dentistry

Have you had fillers but the area below your cheekbones still appears deflated? By building up the smile’s framework, it can lessen the number of fillers a patient may need or wish for.

Your dentist can carry out a test with you in the dental office, to show you how your face will look once it has been restored.

You will begin to see lines and folds in the face soften, which subtly enhances your appearance.

Whilst cosmetic dentistry can do nothing for the skin’s elasticity and deep fine lines, it can manipulate the height and projection of the face, which will help the patient preserve a youthful-looking appearance.

Think of dental intervention as a mini facelift! The results will be subtle and natural, but realistically, this is what the patient wants; to look natural.

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