Why is it so expensive to get braces?

Are Braces worth it?

Brace treatment is actually a very cost-effective way of getting a new smile without too much preparation for your teeth. It is also much cheaper than many other treatments like veneers.

Brace treatment for adults is more complex than in children. This is because there are greater levels of uncertainties involved and adult teeth tend to be more unpredictable in nature. So when compared to children’s orthodontic work, adult brace treatment will cost more.

The fee for your braces varies from person to person. For the actual treatment alone the treatment fee can range from £2500 to £5000.

Where you fall on this spectrum is largely dependent upon certain factors such as:
  • The complexity of the treatment. The more complicated the treatment plan the greater the fee for treatment.
  • Whether one arch or both top and bottom teeth are being treated.
  • How many teeth are involved? Some orthodontic systems only treat the first six teeth others involve the entire arch. The choice of the treatment system is based upon your cosmetic requirements.
  • The specific nature of brace treatment chosen. The various components may be custom made and hence there is a fee associated with this type of specialist product. Specialist laboratories can also be involved in manufacturing the brace system. This can add to the cost of the treatment. Different orthodontic systems will have differing manufacturing cost due to the intricacies of development and production.
  • Your cosmetic requirements. If you are looking for a perfect result of extremely well-aligned teeth with enhanced aesthetics then the treatment plan may be more involved, in which case the fee may be greater. If you are looking for a natural realistic look then most systems will oblige.
  • Whether you require any additional diagnostics. Some cases require advanced treatment planning and preliminary work before commencing with the brace treatment. This may include digital smile imaging and planning. This is also true if you require other additional treatments such as teeth contouring or other cosmetic treatments. This may add to the overall fee.
  • The skill, experience and knowledge of the dentist and laboratory technician. It takes a lot of knowledge and experience in both orthodontics and functional smile designing in order to perform adult orthodontic brace treatments. The clinician needs the combined expertise of the technical knowledge of tooth movement and how to create a beautiful smile. The more experienced and qualified the clinician the more this will be a deciding factor of the treatment cost.

What do the treatment fees include?

The fee will take account of all the preparatory working including study models and laboratory manufacturing. It will also include the fees for all the adjustment visits too. The treatment could take several months. We also include teeth whitening treatment in our fees.

Braces are a cost-effective treatment option

Considering the amount of work involved in brace treatment for adults and the cost per wear it is quite cost-effective. Also when compared to all the other alternative treatment options that produce similar results, braces are a speedy and cheaper option.

Veneer treatment for a full Smile Makeover involving the front ten teeth is more expensive than brace treatment which in effect can be half the cost. If crowns, bridges or implants are involved then the cost can be considerably more.

Most other treatments are much more invasive since they involve irreversible treatment inside the outer structure of a tooth. Braces are a simple effective treatment whose only purpose is to move teeth into a different position.

So taking all things into consideration braces for a safe, quick and effective treatment that when compared to an alternative is very reasonable. Browse our treatment options.

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