Cosmetic Dentists Say These Are the Most-Requested Celebrity Smiles

The Most Asked For Smile Makeovers

Many patients arrive at our clinic wanting to copy and achieve the same smiles as they have seen on social media or on their favourite celebrity.

Beautifully white, bright and straight smiles are associated with signs of wealth, beauty, success and appeal.

But as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we meet several patients who have different ideals and request different shapes, colours and overall aesthetics for their new smile.

Cosmetic procedure veneers make this easily achievable as they are versatile and be completely custom-crafted to the patient’s exact specifications.

However, the most requested and most wanted smiles based on celebrities are…

Kim Kardashian

Younger patients tend to enter our clinic with pictures of Kim Kardashian’s smile and wish to mimic the shape and size of her teeth.

She has a very straight square smile with the canines pointed, which gives the smile a feminine quality.

Whilst there is no exact evidence to suggest that Kim has veneers herself, appearing from the changes of the appearance of her teeth over the years, comments repeated by her cosmetic dentist and changes to the shape of her incisors and canines means it can be somewhat fair to assume that she has had them applied.

Older patients in comparison we meet tend to ask for a similar smile to Sofia Vergara, who has a more natural, conservative smile.

This is pointing to the trend that more and more patients want an improved smile that looks natural.

Big, chunky and thick teeth are a thing of the past, with older crown systems being replaced with ultra-thin veneer systems that are only applied to the front of the tooth.

Jessica Alba

A modern and natural beauty, Jessica Alba has a very natural smile that is aligned perfectly and displays a perfect balance.

The teeth are long and healthy with the canines again pointed slightly to reveal a feminine edge.

The number of patients we meet who wish to recreate this smile is accelerating, however, we always design a smile that will suit your face perfectly, which means we can use your desired celebrity’s smile as a blueprint; however, the finished product will be made to blend flawlessly with your mouth shape and face.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

From looking at pictures, it can appear quite evidently that Catherine has undergone the veneer procedure.

Displaying the perfect Hollywood smile, her smile after cosmetic dentistry is lighter, brighter and has no gaps.

The front two incisors are longer, and the teeth are roundly shaped individually which creates a naturally polished, asymmetric smile.

Anne Hathaway

One of the most recommended and recognisable smiles in Hollywood, Anne Hathaway’s smile is often the most requested by younger patients.

We believe this is because her smile is proportioned perfectly, which adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Other popular celebrity smiles:

  • Jessica Simpson
  • Christie Brinkley
  • Julia Roberts
  • Zoe Saldana
  • Emma Watson
  • Jennifer Lopez

Why choose cosmetic dentistry to upgrade your smile?

If you feel self-conscious about your smile, or have a few underlying issues that need correcting to prevent any future issues, cosmetic procedures might be an option for you.

There are various treatments available which allow patients to improve their smile without affecting or destroying the underlying, original tooth.

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