Does a crown hurt more than a filling?

We offer the Highest level of Care

You will find that all treatments carried out at the Perfect Smile Studios are done with patient care in mind. Our Hertfordshire clinic has dedicated the last 25 years to make sure that all our patients are fore at the highest level.

We follow strict protocols to ensure you experience no pain at all.

There should be no reason why any treatment should hurt you. It does not matter whether we are doing a filling, a crown or a root canal treatment.

How we make sure you don’t feel pain during dental treatment:

  • We have a very comfortable environment for you to relax in before and after treatment. This especially helps those patients that have any level of anxiety. We provide refreshments in a soothing relaxation lounge. Many of our patients have told us that this has added to their comfortable experience with us.
  • Secondly, prior to any dentistry we sit together and discuss your specific needs and requirements. We then carry out an extensively detail comprehensive assessment. After this, we make sure that we have properly answered all your questions and concerns. We explain in detail how the procedure will enfold and exactly what we will be doing during the treatment. We have found that this prior knowledge has helped many patients to cope with the dentistry because they know exactly what we will be doing.
  • You will have a dedicated Care Nurse to you. It will be her and the dentist’s responsibility to make sure that you are absolutely comfortable throughout the treatment. You will have multiple breaks so that everything is done at your speed. Many of our patients love this fact because they do not feel rushed. Treatment is carried out at your pace. The care nurse is also on hand at every minute during the treatment to make sure that you do not want for anything.
  • We use special gum numbing gels and advanced injection techniques to ensure that you do not feel any pain whatsoever when we numb your teeth. This means that regardless of which treatment you have done – a crown or a filling – you will not feel anything whilst the dentist is working on you.
  • We use highly innovative advanced “drills”. This means that the treatment we do is smooth and fast for you without any “grindy” sounds. Indeed, we have had patients who have been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the treatment has been for them.
  • Regardless of whether we are doing a crown or a filling, our dentists will ensure that the biting surfaces of these treated teeth are compatible and in harmony with the rest of your teeth. This means that after any treatment you should not feel like you are “biting” on the treated tooth alone. This is when the filling or crown has what we call “high” spots. They can be very damaging and cause the tooth pain and soreness. We understand this vital component of the treatment and so our dentists make sure that your bite patterns are in coherence with our Treatment Plan for the tooth.
  • We can also offer sedation for those patients that have a high level of anxiety. For others that are better able to cope and do not want to have sedation, we can offer other calming products such as NuCalm. This is an innovative product that is completely natural and does not involve any artificial substances. It is designed to put you into a meditative calmed state so that you can better cope with treatment.

As you can see we cover every basis to make sure that your whole experience from start to finish is as pain-free and comfortable as possible. We’re here to provide treatment to repair your teeth. If you feel nervous or anxious about going to the dentist, find out how we help our patients.

For more information on our treatments or our patient care, contact us on 01992 552115. You can also visit us at one of our consulting rooms in London or Hertfordshire by booking a free consultation here.