Why are braces so painful


Braces actually shouldn’t be painful. They may be uncomfortable when they are first placed on the teeth. This is necessary in order to provide the correct forces in order to move the teeth as required.

When the dentist adjusts your braces, they will often feel tighter on your teeth. This can sometimes make your teeth and gums feel sore whilst your teeth adjust to the braces. This tightness is necessary in order to move the teeth as expected. We can straighten your teeth today.

Without the tightness, we will not be putting any forces on the teeth to move them.

We usually recommend that you eat softer foods like soups, pasta, soft bread, mashed potatoes and rice for the first few days after an adjustment appointment so that you can better cope with the slight discomfort of the tighter braces.

If your braces are painful then you should most definitely speak to your dentist, as this is not normal. Sometimes this could be because certain wire components may be sticking out and rubbing against your lips, cheeks or tongue.

We try to make sure that your mouth feels comfortable before you leave the surgery. But sometimes you may feel the soreness more afterwards. In these cases, you may need to come back for a check.

We can provide you with orthodontic wax which is moulded to the offending area and which acts as a cushion between your soft tissues and the braces.


  •  Treatment is always carried out in a mouth that is already healthy. This means that there should be no dental decay or pre-existing gum disease. This is very important to make sure the treatment progresses smoothly without causing you any discomfort from these primary issues.
  • Customized Treatments that are highly compatible with you tend not to give you any problems during or after treatment. We specialize in formulating bespoke treatment options of your choice.
  • Skilled, knowledgeable and experienced clinicians and laboratory technicians have the ability to alter the treatment according to how your teeth are responding to it. This is important to make your treatment as comfortable as possible.
  • We are very selective about which brace components we use. Premium quality and bespoke brace components that do a particular required movement produce speedy results which means you do not have to wear the braces for as long. These specialized components also make the treatment more comfortable.
  • Regular checks to make sure that the treatment is progressing as it should be is important. These checks also make sure that you are not developing any unwanted problems like gum disease. If you develop gum disease then this can alter how you are responding to the treatment and can be associated with pain. This is because your teeth are no longer stable and when the braces apply pressure to move the teeth, the teeth are not strong enough to cope – this translates as pain.

Proper after-treatment instructions mean that you are less likely to come across any discomfort.

Advice, like eating only soft foods and staying away from hard and sticky foods, helps with how you respond to the initial placement of the braces and subsequent adjustment appointments.

You can begin your treatment planning with us by booking a free consultation at our London or Hertfordshire consultancy rooms. Contact us on 01992 827023 for more information.