Which dental crown material is best?

We use The Best Possible Materials for Our Crown Treatments

Over the years, there has been much debate about which dental material is best from which to construct crowns.

All innovations and new technology have been aimed at fulfilling the required criteria for a crown.

In the past crowns have been made of gold alloy, tin alloy, stainless steel, metal-ceramic combinations and various types of all porcelain crowns.

Unfortunately, no one material has been able to match the full characteristics of natural teeth perfectly. However, many have come as close as possible.

Therefore we rely on clinical research and those materials that have proven to be successful over time and give us long-lasting results.

Requirements for a crown material include:

  • It should be strong enough to protect the teeth.
  • It should be tooth coloured.
  • It should not fracture easily and have good tensile strength.
  • It should be easy to use so that we can easily make it into a tooth form.
  • It should be able to be bonded to the remaining tooth dentine with an extremely strong bond.
  • It should be compatible with implants.
  • It should wear at the same rate as teeth.

These days the materials of choice are porcelains because many of its characteristics and properties are highly compatible with teeth.

They provide a good cost-effective long-term solution when restoring teeth back to health and function.

In fact, in many instances, they surpass our expectations. Porcelain crowns have been recommended now for some time and we have proven clinical experience of how well this treatment does in the mouth. Repair your teeth with us today.

Benefits of Porcelain Crowns:

  • Strength. With new innovative technology, we are able to produce varying strengths of porcelain crowns and restorations. This means we can have a porcelain crown that is stronger than tooth and doesn’t wear as fast as tooth either. This is a benefit of porcelain crowns over natural teeth. These crowns will also fulfil their function to protect the underlying tooth.
  • High Cosmetics. We can produce highly aesthetic crowns with porcelains. They are not only tooth coloured but also we can now use various shades of “white” (sometimes all within the same tooth), textures and light reflection properties to create realistic looking teeth indistinguishable from your natural teeth.
  • Bonding. We can now use special bonding agents that strongly adhere the porcelain to the tooth substance. This provides a unique permanent unbreakable seal.
  • Easy to use. Porcelain crowns are manufactured in the laboratory-based upon specifications given by the dentist. It is a relatively easy process and we can make easy adjustments and changes depending on our needs. Porcelain is also easy to polish in the dental surgery by a dentist. There is special equipment that allows us to do this with ease. Hence, if we need to make any adjustments after the final fitting we can easily polish and smooth the crown in your mouth restoring its high gloss finish.

Other materials have advantages too, the overall advantages of porcelain crowns far outweigh the others. Hence, we usually recommend porcelain crowns.

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