The cosmetic boom following pandemic

Dentists see a rise in cosmetic dentistry requests as pandemic restrictions ease

Cosmetic dentistry has never been in such high demand.

As more and more people get vaccinated, and the Government eases COVID-19 restrictions and rules, the social resurgence has put one major focus on one thing; what’s been hiding behind the masks.

As the go-to choice for cosmetic dentistry in London and Hertfordshire, The Perfect Smile has noticed a surging trend amongst both existing and new patients in our practice.

The demand for cosmetic dental treatments from teeth whitening to full smile makeovers is much higher than pre-pandemic levels.

We are even seeing a bigger increase with international and further afield patients in the UK, who are taking advantage of online virtual consultations to consider cosmetic dentistry work.

But why now?

We’ve seen an increase in our teeth whitening services shoot up 38% and interest in teeth straightening systems like Invisalign increase by 25%.

It seems to appear that right now, people are concerned with how they look, swapping out other invasive aesthetic procedures for minimally invasive dental work.

Social calendars are filling up again, and one thing people are mainly concerned about one thing; how they are going to look when they re-emerge.

It’s almost like people have been reinvented during this time and are getting ready to come out into the world again looking better than they ever have before.

And it’s all because the masks are coming off!

Look and feel better.

Next to the eye, smiles are often one of the first features noticed about a person when assessing one another.

With many of us now having spent months inside, it’s undoubted that we are looking for new and different ways to feel better about ourselves as we take to returning to social environments again.

Truthfully, we’ve all lost the better part of a year, where we haven’t been meeting or speaking to anyone new.

Now, almost suddenly, we have a chance to go out, which opens us up to judgement, which has meant many of us are looking to fix the things that have always bothered us like crooked smiles or yellow teeth.

embarrassed about my smile

The most requested cosmetic dental treatments

In all honesty, the expectation was not for cosmetic dental treatments to thrive this much as soon as lockdown lifted.

But of course, similar to hairdressers, our clinic and many of our other practices in London and Hertfordshire experienced a wave of new patients wanting whiter and straighter teeth.

There was a lot of interest during the pandemic, which we pinned down to many people seeing their faces ore often on systems like Zoom.

This has meant that patients have had a lot of time looking at their faces on a screen and finding things they are unhappy with.

Higher interest in full smile makeovers

Smile makeovers are often complete overhauls of the smile, and whilst they have been popular in the past for certain age groups, we are starting to see this diversify a lot more too.

Our office is currently busier than it has been even before the pandemic. This is because we are receiving a lot more enquiries and experiencing a surge in patients wanting to learn more about treatments like veneers and cosmetic bonding.

The time is now!

Now that patients are vaccinated, they are ready to do something about their smiles.

Patients who had been interested and enquiries about cosmetic treatments during the pandemic are no longer afraid to come into the clinic to undergo these long-awaited treatments.

With many having their first and second doses of the vaccine, we are seeing a lot of confidence in our patients, who are commenting they are no longer afraid to come in and upgrade their smiles.

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