Referring patients made easy

Struggling to refer a patient? Leading dentist Rahul Doshi to the rescue

In an article featured by, Julian English interviewed our founding dentist and clinical strategy development director at Dentex Health; Dr Rahul Doshi.

During the interview, we were happy and excited to discuss our new referral programme and what it is able to offer fellow Dentex practitioners as well as the wider dental community.

So, what does it mean for you and your dental practice? And how can we help you build increased credibility and trust amongst your patients?

The biggest challenges dentists face

As practising dentists, I think we can all agree that we’ve all experienced, at one time or another, difficulty referring patients to specialists locally.

Not only is our reputation on the line, but our patients trust if we get it wrong. On top of this, the referral process requires good communication, trust and professional trust.

To provide a solution for this, Dentex is working with more than 60 specialist dentists to provide the wider dental community across the UK with access to the best when they need it.

“Clinical freedom is at the core of everything we do at Dentex, and so is collaboration.” – Rahul Doshi.

A new powerful tool

As our referral scheme continues to grow across 85+ practices, Dentex has begun to develop essential referral tools across the group with the aim to bring specialists and dentists across the country together.

“Our dentists refer to whichever specialist they choose. But with a sizeable number of practices operating together, there is an obvious benefit to our dentists working collaboratively and supporting each other in providing patient care.” – Rahul Doshi.

A source you can trust for expert help

If anyone could take on this ambition scheme, it’s Dentex.

The specifically designed robust and scalable referral service that smaller, local practices can trust.

To highlight the experts, Dentex launched ‘The Specialist at Dentex’ digital conference, which promoted its group of specialists in the programme.

The specialists involved were all experts in the following:

  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics
  • Implantology
  • Oral surgery
  • Periodontics

The event itself consisted of eight guest speakers that shared valuable insights into their chosen field of dentistry in ‘TED’ style talks.

One of the speakers, Professor Lambis Petridis an associate at Harley street Oral Reconstruction Centre commented: 

“I’m excited to see how Dentex is trying to facilitate and streamline referrals by tackling the challenges of referring a patient, thus improving the patient journey… To ensure great patient care, specialists and general dentists must work collaboratively. Dentex is fostering the right environment for this to happen.”

Access to specialists in just one click

With a large number of specialists in the Dentex group, they are able to cover the vast length of the UK covering almost all specialisms.

“If I have a patient moving to a new area who needs a specialist, maybe one of our practices can look after this patient? We have a huge list of high-calibre specialists to offer this support. Not only internally, but to the broader dental community in the UK.” – Rahul Doshi.

To make it easy for other referring dentists, Dentex has created a directory that can be accessed using the below QR code:

qr code for dental referrals

Making it straightforward for other dentists, the portal sends a digital referral form directly to a practice of your choosing.

Take a look at the Dentex specialists. Or more on Dr Rahul Doshi (the UK top 50 most influential dentists).

Referrals to The Perfect Smile

As one of London’s and Hertfordshire’s leading dental practices, The Perfect Smile is happy to welcome new patients and accept referrals.

Local practices in Hertfordshire and London can refer patients to our practices for specialist and complex treatments.

The Perfect Smile’s true speciality is cosmetic dentistry and we have dedicated many years to the field and corrected thousands of patient’s smiles.

As professionals, you can rely on clear communication and a high standard of care for your patient.

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