What makes a smile attractive?

Smiles are attractive, smiles are contagious, and smiling makes us feel good!

In the UK specifically, smiling is a sign of politeness, it is a way to greet someone and a way to welcome someone. Smiling is a commonly accepted indicator of emotions, and something we do not often think twice about. 

But what happens if you are not happy with your smile? If you hate your teeth (maybe they are discoloured, maybe you have lost teeth, maybe they are chipped…) then it is unlikely you feel good about smiling.

So many people avoid showing their teeth in photographs because they are conscious about how they look and know that these images will become a long-term record!

At The Perfect Smile, we believe that everyone should have the chance to feel good about their smile – life is too short to continue hiding your teeth every time you see a camera!

What counts as an attractive smile is of course, highly subjective, but there are a few factors that are widely accepted as ‘attractive’ attributes.

Sparkling pearly-whites

Although the ‘Hollywood Smile’ is not the ideal look for everyone (some prefer a more subtle change to their teeth), most people prefer white teeth and stained yellowing, grey teeth! 

As dentists, we often receive complaints from patients that they are unhappy about the colouring of their teeth, and there are many solutions available to target this.

Teeth whitening at home is usually a quick-fix and does not last, along with the fact that many harmful chemicals can often be used in these at-home whitening kits.

However, if you meet with one of our dentists at The Perfect Smile, we can come up with the best treatment for you, whether that is teeth whitening or porcelain veneers or just simply a deep clean!

Find out more about teeth whitening procedures we offer here. We can also help with targeting discoloured gums too. 

Appropriate space and position of teeth

Many people suffer from crooked, damaged or misshaped teeth. This can lead to a bite that doesn’t close properly, and in severe cases orthodontic treatment will be required. 

If this is the route we need to follow, then we can look at the options for a braces type that is appropriate and desired by you.

However, slight alignment and spacing issues can be cured using porcelain veneers.

Small gaps between your teeth can be targeted at an affordable cost and in a short time – rather than going through the full process of having braces fitted. We can target small gaps using numerous tooth replacement solutions.

Teeth shape

Despite the strength and resilience of teeth, accidents happen and teeth do become damaged and break. 

Significant oral injuries may be the reason for cracks and chips, while tooth grinding may lead to unusual wear and tear that makes your pearly whites appear shorter than others.

These differences in teeth shape and size often lead to an asymmetrical smile, which can be a problem for a lot of people. 

To target this kind of issue, we can do several things: including teeth filing to reduce the size of the tooth and also veneers to bring the tooth back to an appropriate shape and size. 

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