The ultimate smile: How can you achieve an attractive, alluring, impressive smile?

Cosmetic dentistry is increasingly becoming a normalised part of the beauty routine…

No longer limited to the realm of celebrity privilege, technological advances in cosmetic dentistry means that there are many options available regardless of budget and celeb-status!

Although once seen as a luxurious privilege for some, the lines between celebrity and the everyday individual have been blurred. Cosmetic dentistry is on the path to becoming almost as common as a new hairstyle. 

A sparkling set of pearly whites are often considered as the main attribute of a winning smile. People place huge importance on the appearance of teeth, even if doing so unconsciously. 

2012 study investigated the manner in which teeth colour and spacing influence ratings of physical attractiveness. It concluded that deviations from normal spacing and/or darker, yellower teeth are perceived as unattractive, particularly when judging women.  

It is no wonder more and more people are choosing to have cosmetic dentistry done since having a glowing smile can impact how you are treated by others.

What do you want to feel more confident about?

What is it that is driving your dissatisfaction with your appearance? Maybe your teeth are slightly squint, maybe you would just like them whitened, or maybe you are missing teeth. 

Whatever your issue, we understand that these issues are not simply aesthetic concerns, they impact your confidence, your self-esteem and ultimately your wellbeing.

Are you unhappy because of teeth discolouring? We can remove coffee stains/natural yellowing with teeth whitening treatments.

Are your teeth squint? Invisalign or braces are successful treatment types. 

Do you have chips, cracks or slight stains? We can fix this through bonding. 

Do you want a whole smile makeover? Then porcelain veneers are a great option.

What are the first steps to achieve your dream smile?

At The Perfect Smile we treat every patient as an individual case, your goals for your perfect smile, as well as the treatment you actually need will be very much case-specific. 

Get in contact with us and organise a free consultation to find out what steps we can take moving forward.