Why some patients are returning to their dentists to have their pearly-whites made less white

Today, with a rise in cosmetic surgery treatments it is easy to change almost every part of your appearance.

This is no longer limited to the body, and advances in cosmetic dentistry mean that with the right dentist (and the right amount of money) it is easy to change whatever is bothering you about your appearance too.

From subtle Invisalign braces to full sets of porcelain veneers, there are multiple smile-alteration options on the market. However, some people are making changes to their smiles that they later regret. 

Veneers are thin cosmetic mouldings placed on top of the teeth. They have the dual skill of providing a protective barrier and a sparkly white natural-looking smile. 

Veneers were made popular by the Hollywood elite and we have become used to seeing our favourite celebs with dazzling white teeth. However, some people did not opt for the ‘natural’ option, and have lived to regret it.

There is a growing demand for veneers amongst working professionals, Instagram ‘influencers,’ and the ordinary individual, and some people opted for the more ‘extreme’ look adorned by celebs, then came to later regret it. 

Subtlety is in!

Most people want beautiful, natural-looking smiles – they don’t want their family and friends to question ‘what they have done to their teeth’ or ask if they have had work done.

A way to avoid a finished look that you are unhappy with is by communicating your desires to your dentist at the initial consultation meeting, but also, you need to be sure you are putting yourself into the hands of someone who is qualified to give these results. 

  • This common desire for subtlety is particularly strong for men, who are even more conscious that people may ‘find out’ they had work done. 
  • Although it is nothing to be embarrassed about or try to hide, we understand why our patients want these changes to be subtle.
  • More importantly, we are armed with the skills, knowledge and experience to make these desires become a reality. 
  • Additionally, the idea of natural varies dependent on the person, so it is important to communicate with your dentist
  • There is even a trend of ‘roughing up’ the porcelain on certain veneers, to give an even more convincing authentic look. 

Starting at around £500 per veneer, it is essential you communicate what you want from your treatment to your dentist – in order to avoid a later appointment to ‘naturalise’ your new smile!

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