What do your teeth say exactly about you?

The surprising facts your teeth reveal about you

It may be surprising for some of our patients to find out that an ideology exists where teeth represent our personalities.

Everything from shape, size and alignment is meant to signify the person who owns them.

Whilst this is a little far-fetched for some, there is some slight degree of truth, as our teeth certainly can tell us a great deal about a person.

The makeup of the mouth can be decoded, which is how archaeologists manage to reveal anthropological histories by studying grooves and marks of the teeth they find.

For example, teeth are easy to date as they follow the same growth patterns; the teeth of a teenage girl will vary differently to the teeth of a middle-aged man.

But, let’s delve in a little deeper! Scroll down to see what your teeth reveal about you.

Worn teeth caused by grinding

Your habits will leave their mark on your teeth. For example, people who often feel stressed, anxious or angry typically grind their teeth.

Patients suffering from bruxism often display feelings of stress, anger and competitiveness.

It’s all down to poor and stressful habits like smoking, caffeine use and alcohol consumption, which can often intensify teeth grinding.

Chronic grinding and bruxism is a serious condition, which can result in broken, fractured, chipped and even loose teeth.

If left to progress it can lead on to other problems such as jaw pain (TMD) and headaches.

The colour of your teeth

discoloured teethIt is an indicator in modern society that those with white and bright teeth are wealthy and high in social standing.

Research shows that the colour of teeth has an impact on your overall perceived attractiveness.

This is down to the belief that white teeth make the person seem more successful, employable and more appealing.

Oral-B conducted a study and found that white teeth can even make the wearer appear younger by up to five years! On top of this, it can increase your attractiveness by 20 percent.

Patients who wish to avoid yellow and stained teeth will want to avoid food and beverages like coffee, wine, tea, cola, sweets and berries. It is also recommended to drink from a straw.

If currently, you are suffering from yellow or discoloured teeth, teeth whitening is a popular solution which is relatively expensive. Another popular alternative is veneers.

Straight teeth

Following on from the same ideal above, beautifully white straight teeth are also a sign of wealth.

This is because outstanding orthodontic care is a pricey solution that works.

However, the belief when it comes to your teeth should be that prevention and restoration are key.

Spending money on your teeth will result in your spending less in the future.

Fantastic cosmetic results

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There is nothing we cannot do and the skill, training and technique of our specialist dentists mean we do it well.

We believe that an improved smile is a healthy smile.

Our cosmetic procedures are not just designed to enhance your smile but better your oral health too.