Top Rising Stars in Cosmetic Dentistry

Award-winning cosmetic dentists

Believe it or not, finding amazing and credible cosmetic dentists can be quite difficult to find.

Many private practices offer cosmetic procedures and options, but patients considering dental cosmetic work should choose the practice based on the skill, training and technique of their leading cosmetic dentists.

Education and further training should be one of the main factors patients look for.

Popular and highly-rated cosmetic dentists are often high in demand and booked up.

It is also important to not be influenced by practices claiming that celebrities use their practice to complete treatments like veneers and teeth whitening.

More often than not, these are gifted or sponsored, which means the celebrity themselves has not sought out the best or done their research.

How can you identify a specialist cosmetic dentist?

  • They will advise you on the best systems, shape and fit that will benefit your oral health as well as improve your appearance
  • They have all the correct credentials and are highly recognised in the dental community
  • Would have undergone the necessary training and education
  • They work with you to deliver a tailored treatment plan that is unique to you
  • They will not push you into treatments and procedures that do not make sense
  • Will custom-make or handcraft their products, for example, porcelain shells
  • Have won various awards for their work
  • Have outstanding reviews
  • Are consistently referred to

At the Perfect Smile, we only work with and employ the best dentists.

We have done the hard work in sourcing the very best, so you can rest assured that when you come to one of our practices that you will leave with amazing results.

Founder and expert dentist, Dr Rahul Doshi is widely known in the dental industry and has one of the best performing dental practices and sites in the whole country.

He is influential in the community so much so that he was voted one of the top 50 cosmetic dentists in the UK.

Here are some of our very best:

1. Dr Biju Krishan

  • Special interest in cosmetic braces
  • Best Specialist Practice
  • Shortlisted as Outstanding Individual Scotland, Best Patient Care & Best Clinical Team

This award-winning celebrity dentist is truly a leading professional in the industry.

Constantly striving to improve the face of cosmetic dentistry as we know it, he is the founder of the innovative CFast brace system, which focuses on the cosmetic aspect of straightening and aligning teeth very quickly.

An avid lecturer, he is featured as an author across many international journals.

His CFast system has been the number one choice for many celebrities including Holly Willoughby, Alexandra Burke and Billy Faiers.

Read more about Dr Krishan here.

2. Dr Sam Jethwa

  • Special interest in cosmetic braces
  • Best Young Dentist UK (finalist for two years running)
  • On the board of BACD

leading restorative dentistA really talented dentist, Dr Sam Jethwa is a rising and upcoming star in the cosmetic dentistry world.

Having placed thousands of veneers throughout his career so far, he is also a very sought-after cosmetic dentist, who is used by many celebrities.

Talented across all fields of dentistry, his particular talent lies applying and custom-crafting veneers.

He is also a Director of Communications at the BACD and is a member of the AACD.

Passing his skill onto other learning dentists, Sam often participates in learning academies and lectures around the world.

Read more about Dr Jethwa here.

3. Dr David Bloom

  • Specialist interest in all cosmetic dentistry treatments
  • Trainer for Tipton Training
  • Lecturer and speaker at the BACD annual conference

Former president of the BACD, Dr David Bloom is highly acclaimed and credited across restorative, orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry.

A regular lecturer, Dr Bloom travels the world speaking on the importance of strong foundations for cosmetic dentistry to be built on in order to attain long-lasting aesthetic solutions.

Read more about Dr Bloom here.