Analysing why dreams of a perfect smile are left unrealized by over 64% of Brits

Many people feel that they may have lost their confidence or self –esteem over the years. This is because they have been acutely aware that people are constantly looking at their teeth when they are talking to them. They feel embarrassed but are not aware of the things that can be done these days to overcome these discrepancies in their smile.

How an imperfect smile affects people

Some patients that we meet have got so used to laughing with their hand over their mouth or never look other people in the eye when talking to them, that it has become part of who they have become. Others have simply found life more challenging such as limited progress in their careers or finding life partners.

An embarrassing smile or even one that you don’t like, can have a debilitating effect on a person’s character and personality. It can stop your progress in life and your career. Celebrities are very much aware of this. This is no way to live.


Complete Smile Makeover from Perfect Smile 2017

Our cosmetic dentists have been analyzing what inhibits people from achieving their dental goals. We have also looked into the type of things that stop people from getting the perfect smile they need and want so desperately.

Fears that stop people from improving their smile:

This is a common barrier to getting the smile that you have always wanted. However, with an understanding team and use of anti-phobia techniques it can easily be reduced or overcome.

  • Fear of criticism

Some patients have felt that their family and friends might criticize them for getting treatment done to change the way they have always been. These patients may need help and understanding to improve their self-perception – to understand that the way one looks has a huge number of benefits in self-esteem and self-confidence.

  • Fear of failure of treatment

Some patients have had dental treatment done in the past but it has not worked out as they expected. This does not mean that they cannot ever achieve their dental goals. They just need to find a talented dental team that they can connect with on a better level.

  • Fear of treatment being outside their budget

If you are to have a customized and personalized program from our cosmetic dentists, then you can pick and choose treatment options that suit your budget but that achieve your goals too.

  • Fear of not fully understanding their treatment

This is a common inhibitor. We have made sure that our patients get all the time they need to discuss, communicate and fully understand their choices.

  • Fear of not having post-treatment support

One of the key benefits patients have with treatment at the Perfect Smile Studios is ongoing support after your treatment. We make sure that we keep in constant touch with you via our care nurses, dentists, hygiene therapists, treatment coordinators and managers. This way we can take care of your teeth and prevent future problems.

Let us create your perfect smile.

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Your smile is the first thing people see and it often portrays how you feel about your self.

Some people find that their smile actually reflects their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Some find that they become more progressively reserved and others actually are ashamed of their teeth and always put their hand on their mouth to hide their teeth when laughing.

This is no way to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.