Four Food Products To Boost Oral Health

Oral health is more than brushing and flossing

Healthy teeth require thorough careLook after your smile with Perfect Smile, which also means that we should avoid certain food and drinks that can damage tooth enamel. This is something that is usually taught at an early age, but exactly which foods and drinks are considered good for our teeth?

Four Top Foods for Oral Health:

  1. Green tea can offer impressive protection for our teeth due to the complex compounds it contains, known as catechins. These can fight bacteria and prevent inflammation. Various studies have found a link between drinking lots of green tea and a lower chance of developing gum disease or losing teeth later in life.
  2. Strawberries and kiwis are also recommended for healthy teeth. They contain a lot of vitamin C – an ingredient that is essential for gum health. Vitamin C deficiency makes the gum tissue tender and makes it more prone to developing periodontal disease. Citrus fruits are another a good source of vitamin C, but they also contain plenty of acids that may attack tooth enamel, so they should be consumed in moderation.
  3. Nuts and seeds are not commonly known as products beneficial for oral health but in fact, they are very rich in micronutrients, such as calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, potassium and zinc. Almonds and Brazil nuts are strongly recommended.
  4. Onions are another great anti-bacterial weapon, especially when consumed raw. A recent study carried out by researchers found that raw onions were capable of killing four strains of bacteria that are commonly associated with the development of cavities and gum disease. For those who are not keen on eating raw onions, experts recommend cooked ones, as they still have some of these useful features.

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