Great Teeth – a way to a man’s heart

The diet and weight-loss industry may be a huge multi-million-pound driver but the effects of a having a slim figure are negligible compared to the effects of a great smile.

Teeth are topping the list of things that men judge women on. Men then go on to look at our hair and then our clothes. These were the results of the recent study.

Many celebrities have also caught onto the idea that a stunning smile can make a huge difference to the success of their careers and how the public perceives them.

Making it onto the red carpet requires talent but now also a gleaming dazzling white smile. Celebs are chasing the Hollywood dream and also achieving the Hollywood smile!


According to the study, when first meeting women, men mostly notice a women’s smile and then go onto look at other things in a potential mate. The three-year study revealed that having good dental credentials was top of the list in things that men judge women on.

A perfect smile can apparently also lead you to your perfect man!

People are now more aware than ever of the importance of having good teeth combined with a great smile. It is proving to be a great asset as discovered in multiple psycho-social studies.

Try this yourself: Next time you go out just be aware of what you look at the first when looking at people especially the opposite sex. You will find that you are first drawn to the smile.

Our cosmetic dentists in London have been aware of this phenomenon for some time and now research is proving them to be correct. The impact of having nice looking teeth on influencing how people perceive you is immense. Not only this but a bright straight teethed smile can make a huge difference to your facial appearance. It can make you look more youthful and vibrant.

“Patients are always telling us how much their life has improved since their new smile makeovers. They feel more confident and more likely to be more social. It definitely improves their personality and they are more likely to feel more like themselves”, reveal our cosmetic dentists London at the Perfect Smile Studios.


What is involved in a New Smile Consultation?

You will be able to see using a whole host of different tools and methods the changes that are possible. We use digital software to look at achieving your perfect smile all this can be done without any invasive intervention on your teeth. There are things like digital smile imaging and mock-up smiles.

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The beauty industry is booming with beauty products, hair treatments, and clothing styles together with accessories to make people look 10 years younger.

TV programmes such as Extreme Makeover UK, 10 Years Younger, How To Look Good Naked, Gok’s Fashion Fix, are alight with popularity fueled by the desire of people to regain lost youth.

However, one area commonly overlooked is how dentistry advancements now contribute to recapturing past youth and vitality.