Teeth Implants – Are they safe?

As with everything in life nothing comes entirely without risks. However, also as with everything in life we need to carefully weigh all the pros and cons of any situation before we proceed. Implants are no different.

What are dental teeth implants?

Tooth implants are commonly known as dental implants. It is a titanium rod that is placed into the jawbone. It is a surgical procedure and at The Perfect Smile Studios our implantologist Dr Andreas Weigt carries out all our surgical and implant treatments. See Implant Success.

Who will be doing implant dentistry?implant 7

At our studios in Hertfordshire, we have carefully selected all the dentists that work for us so that our patients will receive the best care in implant dentistry. Meet our team.

Dr Weigt – our long-standing implantologist actually makes the journey from Berlin to see our patients. He is amongst the most reputable and most qualified in the Hertfordshire, Essex, and London region and he has placed over 3000 implants in his career and is extremely skilled in the area of replacing missing teeth with Implants. Read more.

He is also very skilled in the areas of sinus grafts, sinus lifts, bone augmentation, bone grafts and will use the most appropriate implant system on the market for you as opposed to standard technology.

We are very lucky to have Dr Weigt as part of our dental team.

 A professional & reliable team

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we also have an implantology team ready for anyone who is found suitable for this treatment and we exercise all the standard protocols in health and safety and in surgical sterilisation and cross infection controls. We treat all implant dentistry as surgical procedures and hence operate strict protocols. Click here.

Are teeth implants suitable for me?

Our implantologist will carefully assess you via a detailed evaluation and then take all the necessary diagnostics that he will need to provide you with all the answers to your questions and to be able to formulate some viable treatment options. Your questions answered.

He will understand and assess your suitability to dental implants and which type and system will work best for you.

He will then be able to inform you of your suitability to dental implants. He will advise you as to the most appropriate course of action after having carefully weighed up all the advantages against all the disadvantages. Find out more.

He will inform you if this is a good option for you. Each case is different and unique and there are many factors to consider such as bone height, bone density, the condition of the neighbouring teeth, your medical status and so on.

Beginning your treatment

Firstly we can see you for a free consultation to understand your needs and talk to you about all the options available in modern implant dentistry. Click here or call us on 020 3740 3345.

Thereafter, if implants are the treatment of choice you will see Dr Doshi who is our senior clinical director for a detailed clinical assessment. Dr Doshi works as a team with Dr Weigt so that you are getting the very best dental care. Find out more.


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There is a widespread misconception that dental implants are not a suitable option for elderly patients, as with age our bone density deteriorates – this can lead to loose or uncomfortable implants and even infections.

As with any procedure, there may be complications. More information.

While there was ground for such concerns in previous years, when dental implant technology was still in its early stages, it has since developed to such an extent that implants are now completely safe for elderly