Moving forward with Dental Implants

Often the most difficult decision when it comes to dentistry is “what type of treatment is best for me?” Sorting through the plethora of advice, options, and types of treatment can be mind-boggling. But with the help of our dentists, it will be much easier to decide. Discover the team.

There is now a vast array of treatment modalities on offer. There are treatments available to ‘fix’ almost all mouths. The concern is now not how to fix but the correct treatment to choose and the procedures carried out in the right order for you.Dental Implant

This means that dentists need to be regularly improving their techniques and skill to provide you with the best solutions available. Click here.

The Perfect Smile Studios want to make things easier for you. For this reason, we want to provide you with the information you need and then customise your treatment plan to suit your individual requirements.

Sharing our skills with others

Dr. Doshi also taught and trained dentists from all over the country on enhanced dental techniques. His position as a clinical editor also helped him to access resources that were the latest and most innovative.

Dental implants are one area that can be quite confusing in dentistry. There are so many types, ranges, and systems on the market. Which one to choose?

Dental implants are small titanium rods integrated into your jaw and replicate teeth. There are many ways in which your mouth can be fully restored to enhance your eating and chewing abilities without having the hassle of loose dentures. How do they work?

There are many solutions to having teeth implants, but the majority will fit into these two categories:

  1. Do you require something that is permanently fixed in your mouth?
  2. Do you want a simpler treatment where the teeth are removed but have a far superior retentive ability than ordinary dentures?

All the implant and surgical work at The Perfect Smile Studios is carried out by our highly experienced and very skilled implantologist Dr. Andreas Weigt and Dr. Rahul Doshi (also highly qualified in dental implants).

A team that can achieve the perfect smile

In fact, Dr. Doshi has hand selected his implantologist after a thorough detailed screening of all applicants. Also, Dr. Doshi has put together an experienced implantologist team that can take care of your every need right from helping in understanding the process/procedure to care after the implant treatment. Your care and comforts is of the utmost importance to us.

Dr. Weigt has seated more than 5000 implants and has “magical hands” when it comes to dental implant treatment. He is very passionate about his work. He and Dr. Doshi worked together to help you to understand which option is correct for you. See: Success.

Giving patients options that suit their needsImplants

They believe that you should have a choice of good viable durable options and then they help you to understand how the best choice can work for you.

Your options are often based on the foundation you currently have. Our aim is to provide you with the most suitable teeth implant option that makes your current foundation healthier and more stable.

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Is your mouth aesthetically or functionally challenged because of tooth loss? Dental implants are a great solution.

If you have lost a tooth then there may be a compromise in your appearance or functioning of your teeth.

The more teeth you lose the more debilitating your mouth becomes and the more aesthetically challenging your situation becomes.

Perfect Smile Studios offer a range of treatments to replace single or multiple missing teeth.


The progress made in dental implant technology over the last ten years has changed the notion that a person’s teeth should be saved at all costs.

Implants are becoming a safer solution to severe decay and periodontal damage.

Our dentistry experts can advise you on what your teeth require. Discover what type of dental implant is suitable for you.