A New Dimension In Teeth Straightening

It is quite reassuring to know that these days the orthodontic treatments to teeth straightening are not as bad as they once were. It is almost fashionable to have braces as a teenager nowadays with groovy colours in the bands and tooth coloured treatments. Click here.

Teeth straightening options have galloped ahead to a greater dimension of the future

Teeth straightening orthodontic treatments are now easily available to adults without incurring time penalties. Adults no longer have to wait for years before they see results in their teeth, they can get their teeth straightened within months. Six months to be exact. Discover it here.

The Perfect Smile Studios houses an award-winning orthodontist who can help you with an imperfect smile. The treatment has many advantages and is taking orthodontic treatment into a new era. Your questions answered.

Advantages to New Adults Orthodontic Treatments:

  • Takes only 4-9 months depending on case

This means you are able to get teeth straightening treatment quicker than your annual dental checkups.

  • Uses clear invisible braces

This means that your orthodontic treatment will be inconspicuous and not noticed by your family and friends. However, they will wonder why you are beginning to look so good. Find out more.

The wires in traditional orthodontic treatment previously used to cause some discomfort. This was because whole teeth were being moved. Nowadays clever techniques mean that teeth can be tilted and tipped into position. Hence you get the aesthetics without the discomfort.

  • Easy treatment

 Because this type of adult teeth straightening treatment is less invasive and uses innovative pivot techniques, the entire treatment is simpler and hence more predictable.

Innovation has paved the way for easier treatment.

  • Fantastic results

The results are stunning and unbelievable. This forms a better more conservative approach to smile makeovers. See our results.

  • Cost-effective treatment

This treatment is not as involved so you can now enjoy a smile makeover that is financially rewarding with great results. Read more.

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios on 01992 552115 to book your Adult Teeth Straightening Consultation.

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People visit an orthodontist in hope to have their teeth straightened. For teens, this often results in a conventional manner with metal braces.

These treatments often last 1-2 years before the kids end up with straight teeth. Find out more.

However, many adults feel that it is too late to consider straightening their crooked teeth and often do not want to go through the emotional journey of having metallic highly visible train-track braces.


Do you hate showing your teeth off especially in photos? Are you looking for a cost-effective and fast teeth straightening solution?

We may have a perfect solution for a perfect smile, that’s perfect for you.

Say “Hello” to a great new innovative orthodontic treatment that is taking the UK with a smile – Six Month Smiles.

What is Six Month Smiles Treatment? This is a cosmetically focused short term orthodontic treatment that allows adults to have teeth straightening treatment.