Take a step in the right direction with Invisible Orthodontic Braces

If you are looking for a good orthodontist, consider taking a step in the right direction with our award-winning orthodontist and orthodontic team.

Talk to our specialists and highly experienced dentists on innovative orthodontics where you can now choose treatments to suit your needs, budgets, and suitability for long-term success.

Gone are the days where there were only metal braces to look forward to.

Nowadays, the subject of cosmetics has also invaded orthodontics! See more information.

Offering our expertise with advanced treatmentsInvisible braces with Perfect Smile Studios

The Perfect Smile Studios offers a unique approach to orthodontic braces that can help you achieve straighter teeth and the smile that you have always wanted.

We operate a smile clinic in which we can talk to you about the different methods now available for teeth straightening. Click here.

Multiple choices are available to you in order to straighten your teeth or to make your teeth better aligned.

However, the choice is dependent upon your requirements and the correct method that will be applicable to you to give you the best result.

You have a choice of the following techniques in orthodontics:

  • Traditional orthodontic braces commonly perceived as “metal train-tracks”
  • Clear braces using a sequence of invisible aligners. Find out more.
  • Simpler and quicker treatments with Adult Six Months Orthodontics. Read more.
  • Variations of the above – all inconspicuous
  • Other more sophisticated techniques applicable to certain cases.

In our smile clinic consultation, which we offer at no charge to you, we can discuss all the available options as they are applicable to your situation.

We also talk you through the various designs and techniques now cleverly used to align teeth that are in an incorrect position. Book now.

This may apply to teeth that are rotated, twisted, with too much spacing between them or if they are crooked and over-crowded.

Whatever your age there is now an option for you. See: Why are so many women opting for ‘train track’ braces?

Also, these days there are also other options available to you that not only give the illusion of nice straight teeth but also change the way your teeth look and appear beautiful.

These options include veneers, immediate veneers, smile makeovers and smile designs.

Asking yourself the right questionsHarley Street, London

Do you need to simply have straighter teeth or do you need to improve the way your teeth look (e.g. colour, texturing, hue, chroma)?

Traditionally, people who are looking for a more conservative approach and are happy with the aesthetics of their teeth can go for the orthodontic braces option.

This is a good choice especially since the era of clear and invisible braces that are cost-effective and inconspicuous.

This is also a less invasive approach. Click here.

Adults can also share in the ingenuity with adult six months orthodontics treatment where you can have straighter teeth within 4-9 months!

This is a great revelation for adults who previously had to endure metal braces for years. Discover more.

One of the best dental surgery’s in London

As you can see there are many things to consider before you make a choice.

Let us help you in our clinics and open possibilities for you that you would not have otherwise considered.

We want to show you how modern dentistry can help you. Call us on 020 3740 3328.

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The Orthodontic Examination and the 3D Digital software allow us to plan the entire treatment process accurately and predict the possible outcomes.

The computer-simulated outcomes enable us to visualize the effects of integrating other dental treatments with Invisalign treatment.

Hence we can ensure a high degree of predictability and accuracy.


Delivering exceptional dental care for over 20 years in London The Perfect Smile Studios in London has now, for over 20 years, been in the business of delivering exceptional dental care to our patients.

We hope to continue to provide services that help in developing a sound foundation in your mouth on which you can build any aspect of cosmetic dentistry should you wish.

We are still committed to remaining at the forefront of innovations that advance modern dentistry.