Are you dodging the dentist?

A study of 2302 people has revealed interesting results about the perception of people in the UK regarding their dental health and the economic environment. Find out what you can do about it.

New research has revealed that Birmingham is the city with the highest number of people who avoid a trip to the dentist in the UK. The statistics also revealed that 32% of Brits fail to visit the dentist regularly.

As part of the ongoing research into the health habits of UK residents, – a discount website – conducted a study of 2302 people from around the UK in a bid to discover the frequency of their dentist and doctor visits. The researchers aimed to discover if a financial situation ever affects peoples’ healthcare needs – focusing on dental appointments as well as the cost of prescription drugs.

According to the research, 32% of respondents stated they do not visit the dentist regularly, while 66% cited the “cost” of each appointment as the main reason why.

When asked, “Do you think it is important to visit the dentist regularly to keep a good dental hygiene?” 61% of respondents answered “yes”.

When asked how often they felt they should visit the dentist, 51% answered “once a year”.

Also, according to the results, the top cities in the UK where people most avoid visiting the regularly were:

1. Birmingham (12%)

2. Hull (8%)

3. Bristol (7%)

4. Nottingham (4%)

5. Manchester (3%)

For conscientious dentists these are actually disturbing facts.

Your dentist London, Hertfordshire & Essex at The Perfect Smile Studios constantly assess surveys that are carried out in the dental area of life including patient health habits. As a result we like to share this information with you.

The key points to note are:

1. People need to be made aware of the importance a dental visit has on both dental and general health.

2. We need to help people to financially afford their dental health

3. We need to make it more viable for people to visit their dentist more regularly.

At The Perfect Smile Studios we have already taken steps to help you in this respect. There are multiple ways we help you but the two most important ones are:

1. Our Signature Comprehensive Assessment. This is a very detailed and comprehensive evaluation – a full MOT – of your mouth, teeth and smile carried out by dentist London, Hertfordshire & Essex at The Perfect Smile Studios. It allows us to strategise and formulate a treatment plan of action for you. This plan can occur in stages over a length of time or in one phase. It allows you to understand all the areas of your mouth so that you can prioritise the most important ones and hence be able to fit the treatment and prevention of them into your lifestyle.

2. Our Complete Care Financial Options. We offer a full and complete range of financial options to help you make your mouths healthy and to be able to have dentistry done comfortably. Our Patient and Treatment Coordinators are highly experienced and skilled in helping to yo find a way forward.

3. A full Consultation. This consultation appointment is where we can discuss any of your concerns in a relaxing and private suite. We can talk about the latest innovations and how modern dentistry can help you. We can also carry out a Photographic Analysis and Smile Imaging where you can see a before and after picture of your own teeth at absolutely NO CHARGE to you.

As you can see we are here to help you. So, whether you are looking for an Extreme Makeover or simpler options we can help you. Don’t become part of the statistic that has detrimental problems in the mouth and it has become too late for prevention. Let your dentist London, Hertfordshire & Essex at The Perfect Smile Studios help you to stay healthy.


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