Mouth Cancer Action Month, British Health Foundation 1-30 November 2011

The Mouth Cancer Action Month campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of the killer disease. We are trying to educate the general public on mouth cancer and help prevent it. This killer affects more people than testicular or cervical cancer combined. Latest figures show that around 6000 new cases a year are diagnosed in the UK alone, and one person dies every five hours from the disease. Action is needed to change these figures.

Special Consultation Days with FREE Oral Cancer Scans

We are providing you with an opportunity to get your mouth assessed and scanned for early detection. Incidences of mouth cancer have increased by more than 45% in the last 10 years, and nine in ten people survive mouth cancer if caught early yet five year survival rates remain as low as 50%.

This is worse than situations on TV programmes such as Embarrassing Bodies and other things seen in the media. And now here is your opportunity to prevent cancer.

A while back we opened up some special consultation bookings for anyone who was serious about having healthy teeth and who wanted to have a chat about their teeth, mouth and smile. Well, we had so much success with these special arrangements that we have decided to do it again but this time we are planning to make it even more useful for you. We are combining these complimentary consultations regarding your teeth with free Oral Cancer scans. This will help us to examine your mouth for any abnormal tissue.

In your consultation we will be using special innovative technology that will allow the dentist to detect and highlight abnormal tissues in your mouth.

This is a great opportunity to find out more information on how modern dentistry can help you and at the same time prevent any future problems with regards to cancer.

Your FREE Consultation will include:

1. An informal chat with our highly experience Patient Care Coordinators who can alleviate any anxiety and help with any concerns that you may have. We do not allocate a set time to this appointment so that you can have all your questions answered to your satisfaction. This is a great opportunity to understand your needs and requirements and help you not only become healthier but also be able to finally “fix” your mouth! It’s not always about looking 10 Years Younger, that’s the easy bit! It’s about a healthier and better you. Let us help you.

2. A complimentary Digital Photographic Analysis. This allows you to see the situation in your mouth and be able to understand how dentists are looking at your teeth. You will be able to see aspects of your mouth never seen before. This evaluation helps you to understand your mouth so that you can make the right decisions for you.

3. A complimentary Oral Cancer Scan. Let us help you to stay healthy by scanning your oral tissues for any signs of abnormality. This is a completely painless and very comfortable procedure and it is at the cutting edge of dentistry. Don’t become part of a cancer statistic or embarrassing bodies – get the scan done – it’s FREE!

4. A FREE Smile Imaging. This is a fun and enlightening thing to have done. We can produce images that allow you to see a before photograph and after photograph of your teeth as they would appear if you had cosmetic dentistry done. Cosmetic dentists can now do amazing things with your smile – and it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. This is particularly useful if you are looking to shave years off your age and look 10 Years Younger.

5. And finally, your consultation will allow you the opportunity to become part of our patient family. We take relationships very seriously and our aim is to increase awareness of how modern dentistry can help people. Our patients are pleasantly surprised with the extent to which we go to make dentistry easier, relaxing and comfortable for you. Come see why for yourself – you have nothing to lose.


Book now and don’t delay getting your Free Oral Cancer Scan with your complimentary consultation at our award winning, highly renowned studios. Call now on 01992 552115

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