Overcoming Dental Anxiety

Being afraid of the dentist is a well-known phobia. People may have real phobias or may have had bad experiences in the past or when younger which are now preventing them from seeking help. Common aspects of a visit to the dental practice would be fear of the dental injection or disliking the sound of a dentist drill. Some people have never really overcome their bad experiences and therefore put up with painful teeth and gums rather than endure gum disease treatment and fillings.

Well good news is on the forefront! New research has found that people with severe dental phobia may be able to overcome their anxieties with a single session of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

The authors of the study, based on an initial pilot of 60 patients who relied on having intravenous sedation before they could undergo dental treatment, concluded that the benefits were of such significance that they advise dental providers to implement this approach now rather than wait to pursue further research.

Dental phobia is actually a serious problem. This is because it deters the individual from attending a dental practice to seek help and prevent disease and infection from getting worse. These individuals usually only go when in severe pain. In most circumstances at this stage when the pain is quite severe, the recommended treatment is usually more invasive. We find that patients often need gum disease treatment.

Also, phobias such as these are repeated in the children of those who suffer from dental anxieties.

CBT is one of a range of techniques that can be used to make the dental experience more comfortable. At The Perfect Smile Studios, we recognize dental phobia and have introduced multiple actions to help overcome and prevent such phobias. Your dentist London at our studios can help you today.

How your dentist London at The Perfect Smile Studios helps with dental phobias:

– We use multiple desensitization techniques which help you to slowly overcome dental phobia

– We help treatment with sedation

– We have in-house patient counselors who can talk to you regarding the things that make you anxious

– We can help with hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and acupuncture.

– We have treatment coordinators who are experienced with dental phobic patients.

– We give total control to our patients before, during and after treatments so that everything occurs at the patients pace.

– We used modern innovations such as laser treatments where we have eliminated the need for the dental injection or the dentists drill. You can now have fillings without needing to drill.

– We use special anti-bacterial filling materials that can put a stop to active decay.

– We have specialist techniques to give you painless injections.

– Our relaxing spa studios help immensely to put you at ease.

– Condiments and extra services such as relaxation lounges, aromatherapy and soothing relaxation wellbeing treatments all help to master and overcome your fears.

We have a huge amount of experience in working with patients that are anxious. Often we find that a little TLC goes a long way.

If you are nervous of the dentist or anxious of dentistry, let us help you overcome your fears and help you to achieve the healthy beautiful smile and mouth that you have always wanted.

Call our internationally renowned award-winning studios to book in a FREE Consultation on 01992 552115. Your dentist London, Essex and Hertfordshire can then talk to you about how we can help you and the appropriate techniques for you. We can find you a way forward. You do not have to suffer. Modern dentistry has come up with a lot of solutions for you.

We are also offering Free Smile imaging and FREE Photographic analysis with our cosmetic dentists.

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As much as we enjoy seeing patients every day, we recognize that not everyone looks forward to visiting the dentist.

In fact, according to recent studies, 75% of those surveyed have at least some fear of the dentist. And 10 to 15% of people have such a large fear that it prevents them from seeing the dentist at all!

Fear of the dentist can affect whole families’ healthcare. Don’t let anxiety get in the way Are you anxious about dentists?


A new study conducted by the University of Madrid has highlighted the fact that adults may be unconsciously transmitting their dentist fear to their family.

Fear of visiting the dentist is very common in children and numerous studies have already identified the role parents have played in exacerbating this primal fear.

The study has identified the father’s role as just as relevant in establishing a long-term fear.