Whiten My Smile

Our smile is vital for capturing our personality and leaving lasting impressions with others.

However, if your teeth are discoloured or are decaying, it can hold your smile back.

The Perfect Smile is here to offer you healthy, natural-looking treatments that can revitalise your smile and confidence.

Solutions That Will Revitalise Your Smile With Whiter Brighter Teeth

We understand how important having your perfect smile is.
The Perfect Smile is hugely proud of the work we carry out daily. Feel free to contact us today for further information or to discuss what your needs.
Dental veneers are a popular solution that is designed to brighten your smile and protect them too.

They’re incredibly thin, porcelain veneers that are placed onto your teeth. They are hand-crafted and coloured to match your teeth, ensuring your smile remains natural and seamless. Teeth can be easily stained by everyday drinks such as tea and coffee and can naturally darken with age.

However, at The Perfect Smile, our teeth whitening solutions can brighten your smile by up to ten shades. Our laser whitening treatments have helped our patients get the natural, bright smile they want.

Whiter Brighter Smiles

If your smile is being affected by tooth decay, we’re here to help. Our specialists are capable of filling cavities with a variety of dental materials such as tooth-coloured filled resins. We also offer dependable treatments that remove decay from your teeth.
teeth whitening
Teeth Whitening

A popular treatment that revitalises the natural colour of your teeth.

  • A quick and simple solution for whitening your teeth.
  • Clinically proven treatments that can brighten your teeth by eight shades.
  • Personalised whitening tray that allows you to carry your treatment at home.
dental veneers
Dental Veneers

Extremely thin layers of composite resin or porcelain that rejuvenates your teeth.

  • A fast, invasive solution for whiter, stronger teeth.
  • Enables you to change the colour, shape, size and position of your teeth.
  • Ideal for covering chipped or worn teeth and helps protect the enamel of each tooth.
smile makeover
Smile Makeover

We use the latest software to design your ideal smile through dedicated treatments.

  • We thoroughly assess your gums and teeth with 3D imagery that provides instant results.
  • View what your smile would look like with popular treatments such as veneers or implants.
  • Trial Smile enables you to ‘test-drive’ your new smile before committing to it.
tooth decay
Tooth Decay

Begin the fight back on tooth decay by seeking treatment from us.

  • Latest techniques used to prevent your tooth from fracturing.
  • Avoid more complex dentistry such as root canal treatment.
  • Restore the health of your gums and teeth once again.
gum whitening
Gum Whitening

Eliminate any discolouration on the gums and rejuvenate them to look healthy again.

  • A solution for gums that looks dark, patchy or discoloured.
  • A thorough assessment that is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Cutting-edge technology ensures the treatment is painless and effective.
white fillings
White Fillings

We can make your dark looking teeth look whiter by relaxing your silver fillings with white fillings.

  • They can be shaped to look like a natural tooth.
  • The colour can be matched exactly to your tooth.
  • The filling will appear polished and be undetectable to feel.
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