Fixing tooth spacing made easy at the Perfect Smile Studios

Most people with a gap between their teeth dream of having this supposed flaw fixed.

People with such a problem usually believe that changing it is beyond their means. However, we have solutions to fixing your gaps. Find out more.

However this is definitely not the case and very affordable solutions exist for any age, according to an article on the WorlDental website.

What causes teeth spacing?gap two

There are a number of causes for tooth spacing.

One of them is thumb sucking, which is quite typical of toddlers; this habit needs to be stopped when teeth start developing in order to reduce the risk of improper growth.

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Another cause is skin overgrowth, which can force teeth apart.

Poor oral hygiene can also be the culprit since it can lead to periodontal disease, which in turn creates all sorts of problems for teeth and gums.

Veneers can solve many dental issues, including gaps in teeth. Take a look here.

Common solutions to your problems

Nevertheless, there are several common solutions to the tooth spacing problem.

The first one is veneers, which are thin tooth coverings that correct shape and size. Read more.

Their application also happens to be a fast and easy process: the veneers will take a couple of weeks or so to prepare and be fitted, resulting in regular-looking teeth that are indistinguishable from the original teeth.

Alternative methods of fixing your gaps

gap one

Another procedure is using crowns and bridges.

These are the top choice for cases when a gap is caused by serious damage to the teeth. See: Cosmetic Crowns.

If the damage is too severe and involves more than one tooth, then several crowns are connected to form a bridge and provide a solution.

Then there are braces, of course. When braces are mentioned, people often envision the so-called “metal mouth”.

However, there are now plastic braces or ones attached to the back of the teeth available. This method has proved highly effective in even the most severe cases of tooth spacing. Check out more information.

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