What lies between You and Your Perfect Smile?

Your smile is the first thing people see and it often portrays how you feel about your self. Some people find that their smile actually reflects their self-esteem and self-confidence. Some find that they become more progressively reserved and others actually are ashamed of their teeth and always put their hand on their mouth to hide their teeth when laughing. This is no way to live a fulfilling and rewarding life.

It is a known fact that healthy teeth reasonably aligned produce a radiant and stunning smile. It gives your face that extra spark when you talk or laugh every day. At first, people find it difficult to see exactly why you look so attractive. They put it down to good skin, glossy healthy looking hair or good facial features.

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we understand that these are real concerns people have and that they can often be very debilitating.

What is stopping you from getting the ideal smile with cosmetic dentistry you always dreamt of?


We have worked hard and introduced multiple aspects of practising dentistry that has now eliminated the fear of dentistry, such as introducing a treatment service for anxious patients.

We understand more than anyone how debilitating it could be to fear something and be unable to control your fear. We also see so many patients on a daily basis that have some level of fear towards dentists.

We would like to reassure you that at The Perfect Smile Studios we have a variety of techniques, systems and innovations that will help with your dental phobia. We have an immense amount of experience managing and treating nervous patients and have been dedicated to helping nervous patients for the last 20 years.

We use several techniques to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible and that you are in control of everything right from the start. We use things like hypnotherapy, comfortable settings, warning buttons, massage, aromatherapy, relaxation lounges, sedation and desensitisation techniques are amongst some of them.

We have even now introduced no drill no injection no preparation ultrathin veneers and also the newer laser treatments allow us to carry out dentistry without the dentist’s drill. Find out more.

Apart from these techniques, we have an entire team set-up to manage your fears and help you overcome them. We are dedicated to helping nervous patients.


This can be a real issue especially if you are a busy mum or are busy running your business. We respect your time and since our team is flexible we can accommodate you at your time. Please talk to us and we can find a solution for you that is also convenient for you.


This is a difficult time for many due to the recent recession or even Brexit. However, you can still achieve your goals of a beautiful smile with dentistry options with as little as £38.99 a month! We offer a whole host of financial options that mean that you can sort your teeth out, start looking like yourself and feel great about your self sooner than you thought you could. A nice looking smile could be the answer to getting the job, partner or life of your dreams.

We offer complimentary consultations so that we can discuss your exact needs and show you how modern innovations in dentistry can help you. You no longer have to commit to any treatment without having ample opportunity to understand your options and budget requirements.


Some times not having enough understanding about the possibilities available to you can be an inhibiting factor to your success. We understand this and hence provide a complimentary consultation where we can chat about everything that is available to you in dentistry today such as teeth implants, orthodontics and more. This will enhance your knowledge and hence you will be able to make better and informed choices about how you would like to meet your smile goals for your teeth and smile.

Let Us help you

At The Perfect Smile Studios, we have now been creating stunning smiles of every type and nature for 20 years, and one thing we know for sure is that clean, healthy teeth that are straight have a huge impact on anyone’s face. Click here.

Even if you do not have the perfect facial features, hair or sparkly eyes, good-looking teeth make up for all that and more!

For many years now we have been finding newer and newer ways of making dentistry possible for everyone – even when people have missing teeth and need dental implants. See more.

We want to listen to actively and really understand exactly what you are looking for in your dentist.

We listen carefully to all your concerns about having the treatment you really want, and with your help, we will explain all options in how we are able to help you. We start this relationship of caring for you from the first phone-call, the initial complimentary consultation, the comprehensive examination and also during and after treatment. We stress this aspect of our assessment process so much that we have been known to spend over 3 hours in an extensive consultation without any time or money worries for you. Our time is yours.

We work very closely with our patients and provide all sorts of options within the subject areas of dentistry, adult orthodontics and dental implants. This means that you are not restricted to only veneers to improve your smile but instead have a wide array of treatment solutions that can complement your teeth as they are. Read more.

To achieve your smile you need to pick and choose the perfect and most ideal options for you; on many occasions that involves combination treatments like our ABC Cosmetic Dentistry solutions.

We would be happy to help overcome the barriers that are preventing you from achieving your perfect smile. We create customised programs that take all the above points. We establish a unique set of treatment plan protocols that will allow you to receive treatment in comfort.

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These days the ‘ideal’ when it comes to stunning smiles seems to be set around the “Hollywood Smile” that often consists of perfectly straight unnatural-looking teeth set between full plum lips.

However, achieving successful results and smile makeovers with your dentist in one of our practices in London, Hertfordshire and Essex has never been easier until now.

Also, you are now no longer restricted to the Hollywood smile, you can now opt for a more natural looking smile.