New trends to watch in cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise

There are a number of new trends that are planning to change the face of cosmetic dentistry. 

This field of dentistry is more accessible than ever before thanks to improved technology that allows for better results more affordably.

And because of this, new trends have emerged, which plan to accelerate cosmetic dentistry over the next decade.

1. Digital impressions for cheaper treatments

These are digital scans on the mouth, which usually allows an orthodontist to create highly accurate dental moulds as well as offering implantologists the ability to craft better implants.

Using high-resolution cameras that are linked to software that prints 3D function moulds. Cool right?

This step provides patients with the opportunity to spend less on their treatments as it provides them with more effective dental procedures.

2. Out with bridges, in with implants

popular cosmetic treatmentsDental implants are on the rise, once viewed as an older person thing, patients of all ages are now seeking out the popular tooth replacement treatment.

Providing natural-looking smiles, they can improve bites and provide a secure base for patients who have lost teeth to accident or trauma or have severely cracked the majority of the tooth.

It is their realistic look that is now making them a more popular treatment than bridges.

This is why a younger clientele for aesthetic reasons are turning to implants to restore their broken teeth.

Implants can either be implanted into the mouth separately or in segments.

3. Natural tooth whitening

Teeth whitening makes it to the list again as it is one of the most affordable solutions to remove stains from teeth.

But over more recent years, patients instead, are asking for more natural white smiles to make their smiles look authentic.

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This means that patients want to have their teeth clean and white without it looking fake.

Patients are able to choose from a variety of natural-looking whitening services as well as cosmetic options to achieve the smile they desire.

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4. Porcelain and composite veneers

A favoured procedure, porcelain veneers can fix a wide range of issues quickly and easily by concealing the underlying tooth, which makes them hugely popular.

Patients who have sensitive, crooked, worn, misaligned teeth, or exhibit discolouration and staining turn to veneers who require an inexpensive option to more expensive corrective procedures.

Very thin caps, veneers are very natural-looking:

Durathin 0.3mm
Ultrathin 0.2-0.4mm
Lumineers 0.2mm
Porcelain Veneers 0.5mm
Composite Veneers About 1mm
Crowns 2mm

Veneers work perfectly to correct teeth and transform your smile but the emergence of new systems like composite veneers means younger patients can undergo minimally invasive treatments that are not permanent.

Composite veneers are cheaper than porcelain, however, are not as strong.

But as they are not a permanent solution, this gives younger adults peace of mind when undertaking this transformative treatment.

5. Composite bonding

Bonding has been around for a long time, however, improvements to its technology have meant a superior quality of materials being used making the procedure quicker and more affordable.

Bonding uses resin to fill gaps for teeth that have been cracked, chipped or broken.

The procedure offers a permanent solution to fix stained and discoloured teeth or even correct imperfections like unequal lengths.

It can protect the underlying tooth from any damage and is often recommended as a more long-lasting option to teeth whitening.

6. CAD/CAM Technology

One of the most unprecedented trends is the use of CAD/CAM technology, which can create same-day cosmetic dental products like crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays using a Cerec machine.

Often completed on-site, the process takes only a few hours in the dental office and has drastically impacted how patients achieve high-quality dental results and care.

The whole technology offers patients very quick wait times to fix chipped, broken and cracked teeth.

7. Invisalign

Thanks to Invisalign, tooth straightening is easier and quicker than ever before.

Now, a popular treatment even for adults as it offers patients a chance to avoid traditional, fixed braces and carry out their treatment privately and twice as fast.

Computer-generated removable aligners move teeth into the correct position with results noticeable in weeks.

Invisalign is certainly one of the most favoured orthodontic teeth straightening systems alongside Six Month Braces and CFast.