Millennials spend three times national average on dental treatment

The most popular cosmetic procedures

When it comes to quicker decisions and spending regarding cosmetic dental treatments, millennials take the lead and exceed all other generations according to a new study.

It has been revealed that adults aged under 35 spend on average £750 a year on their dental care. What’s more surprising is that this is nearly eight times more spent than that of their grandparents.

Baby Boomers in comparison require more restorative reconstructions due to tooth and bone loss but take more time thinking about these procedures before they proceed.

Further to this, more than half (53%) of the under 35 age category all have undertaken some form of advanced cosmetic dental treatment in the UK.

Cosmetic, cosmetic, cosmetic!

Taking the top slot is tooth whitening, which comes in as the most popular aesthetic treatment with 42% choosing to go for the treatment.

Over the next year, close to half of people in the UK (48%) had decided to get their teeth whitened.

This suggests an ever-growing surge in cosmetic dental treatments that points to a belief that a healthy, white smile is just as important in beauty standards as it is health.

The UK, more than ever, is investing their money into their oral health and at the same time improving their appearance as a white, healthy smile is perceived to be a sign of health, success and beauty.

As young adults tend to have less oral problems than older patients, where tooth loss, receding gums and decay is not a big issue, the procedures they undertake are purely for cosmetic as well as orthodontic issues.

Not only is maintaining good oral health a priority but achieving outstanding aesthetics of a smile, which is emerging as an increasingly important factor.

Data recorded and surveyed by the Oral Health Foundation.

The most popular cosmetic procedures

Veeners by The Perfect Smile
Dental Veneers: Porcelain Veneer installation Procedure. 3D illustration

We have seen the biggest treatments take the lead that is minimally invasive and preserve the underlying tooth.

With the advances in modern technology, regular veneer systems have improved drastically with veneer specialists being able to apply a veneer without any drilling, shaping or shaving of the existing tooth.

New veneer systems like Ultrathin, Durathin and Lumineers are super-thin caps that are placed onto the surface of the tooth unlike porcelain crowns, which require the tooth to be shaped.

The only work required for these types of systems is slight shaving of the enamel off the surface of the tooth to roughen the area where the veneer will be bonded to.

Composite veneers

In comparison, these veneers are not as high-quality as porcelain veneers, which make them a cheaper option.

As a cost-effective option, these veneers are becoming popular amongst young adults looking for immediate fixes to misshapen teeth.

Teeth whitening

A highly requested treatment, tooth whitening is perfect for patients who are happy with their smiles but would like to brighten them and remove stains.

Amongst young adults, this is definitely one of the most popular treatments as it can lighten teeth up to eight shades.