41% of people never show their teeth

Before Six Month Smiles
After Six Month Smiles

Do you hate showing your teeth off especially in photos? Are you looking for a cost-effective and fast teeth straightening solution? We may have a perfect solution for a perfect smile, that’s perfect for you. Say “Hello” to a great new innovative orthodontic treatment that is taking the UK with a smile – Six Month Smiles.

What is Six Month Smiles Treatment?

This is a cosmetically focused short term orthodontic treatment that allows adults to have teeth straightening treatment with tooth coloured orthodontic braces. You can have 1 arch or both upper and lower teeth treated – the choice is yours.

Six Month Smiles is fast, effective and takes only a few months to achieve. It is the new age of orthodontic innovation.

Why should you consider Six Month Smiles?

– You have crooked teeth. You may have teeth that are not in the right position and so they are overcrowded, tilted or rotated. This is not a good situation to be in. Apart from the obvious cosmetic disadvantage, crooked teeth are very difficult to clean and are a source of flourishing bacteria that could lead to gum disease. Oral hygiene is often more difficult and time-consuming. Straighter teeth are easier to keep clean and maintain and hence create a healthy mouth environment.

You don’t want veneers. You may be looking for a cosmetic teeth option for your smile but are not interested in treatments that involve preparing your teeth and having porcelain bonded to your teeth. In this instance you can go along two routes:

a) You can have No Preparation Ultrathin Veneers or Instant Direct Veneers. Both of these systems involve no preparation for your teeth. And Instant Direct Veneers can be done in one single appointment.

b) You can have orthodontic teeth straightening treatment with a type of orthodontic braces. Six Month Smiles is a perfect option.

You don’t want long-term orthodontic treatment with metal braces. You may be an adult and are finding no solution to your crooked teeth but are not interested in wearing fixed orthodontic braces for years. Six Month Smiles was specially created with you in mind. It is a fast and easy system that only takes a few months to achieve the desired results.

You may not be suitable for treatments like the clear brace, clearing, invisalign or Inman aligners. In these instances, Six Month Smiles is a great option.

You don’t feel good showing teeth especially when having photos taken. Six Month Smiles allows you to get your teeth straightened just in time since it only takes a few months.


As you can see this type of orthodontic treatment provides you with a great alternative option and way forward.

If you are considering this type of treatment book in for a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your suitability and a way forward.

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Teeth straightening systems have been around for some time now, however many adults have been put off by the thought of having to wear metal train-track types orthodontic braces for a few years.

Well, now the answer to your dreams has arrived…six month smiles teeth straightening system is taking the UK forward. This is a visionary innovative system that straightens crooked teeth within a time period of 4- 9 months and six months on average.


People visit an orthodontist in hope to have their teeth straightened. For teens, this often results in a conventional manner with metal braces. These treatments often last 1-2 years before the kids end up with straight teeth. Find out more.

However, many adults feel that it is too late to consider straightening their crooked teeth and often do not want to go through the emotional journey of having metallic highly visible train-track braces.