The Perfect Smile Institute

The Perfect Smile Institute

We are looking forward to the last 2 days of the spring Advanced Training Course held at The Perfect Smile Institute. We have a great dentists and their teams, and a really good agenda for some innovative strategies on creating beautiful looking teeth for our patients.

Who do we teach and train?Advanced dentistry training

We not only see dentists from Hertfordshire, Essex and London but from all over UK and Europe. We are always striving to remain at the forefront of state-of-the-art dentistry and innovations in cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, implants and more importantly “fixing” mouths to better health. Click here.

This enables our patients to have teeth that look good, feel great and function the way they are supposed to. We help you achieve your optimum and ideal oral situation. Find out what a career in dentistry holds.

Achieving goals for our patients

Dr Doshi’s clinical editorship with the leading dental publication ‘Premium Practice Dentistry’ helps him to achieve these goals for both his patients and for those patients that have their dentists train at The Perfect Smile Institute.

This is because Dr Doshi is fortunate to be able to be in regular contact with companies and individuals who have all the latest in dental technology continuously showcased. See Advanced Technology.

Teaching the importance of relationshipsSmile Makeover

We have a comprehensive 7-day program where we teach dentists and their teams to be able to provide dentistry to their patients. We cover all aspects of dentistry including, dental implants, orthodontics and introduce the dentists to some of the very latest techniques and products in dentistry.

Dr Doshi teaches the importance of ‘treatment planning’ and how to help patients understand all the options available to them today.

He discussed how it was vital to assess the patient for their teeth, smile, gums, muscles, joints and bite first and foremost so that the dentist can understand the foundation the patient has and then to build their mouths in a way that is cost-effective and achieves the needs of the patient.

He also discusses sophisticated techniques in dentistry.

As part of the training, we cover complete treatment planning so that the dentist can provide the most ideal options for their patients. We also include a “hands-on” element so the dentists and their teams can see all the techniques come into action in real time. It is an amazing course and we are very happy to be part of dental progress in this way. Find out about our credentials.

Making the best dental decisions for yourself

Some of the techniques we will be showing and teaching will be to help patients to make the best and correct decisions for themselves. We will be teaching dentists how to work together with their patients to co-discover the problems and then to find a way forward together. Our patients are the most important, read more.

Having a sound trusting relationship and confidence in your dentist is extremely important which explains why we are so successful. Check out our testimonials and see what patients thought.

“Cosmetic dentistry is much more than simply providing veneers for the patient. There is so much more to understand so that we can give our patients the best that they deserve. Dentistry is about choosing the right option not just choosing the one option”

Dr. Doshi

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