Why Invisalign could be better than a facelift

The Teeth Tweak Treatments That Can Change Your Face

Whilst cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics have great benefits for your oral health and straighten teeth in half time, there’s more to this type of dentistry than you might know.

There’s a secret side to the industry, and our Instagram famous dentists are here to reveal their secrets to plumping your lips and face with smile enhancing techniques that actually work!

The rise in demand for invisible braces

The “Zoom boom” and plenty of time at home has been a huge driver for dental practices experiencing a huge interest in teeth tweakments like Invisalign. More.

As we are now spending more time on video calls, we are being presented with more time to catch our appearances on the screen, which has lead many people to feel even more insecure about their faces and teeth.

More aware of our imperfections than ever before

This extra time and extra disposable income have contributed to a 12% increase in cosmetic dental procedures as more and more people begin to reap the rewards of not just straighter, nicer looking teeth, but fuller faces and more defined jaws.

The lower third of your face really reveals your age

It’s for this reason that aesthetic dentistry is beginning to replace a lot of other cosmetic procedures like fillers, lip injections and facelifts.

For years people have been convinced that facial tweaks like fillers were going to solve all their problems. But little did they know that dental treatments could actually be more suitable for them as well as being more effective at achieving healthier, more natural results.

Treatments that combat ageing and facial sagging

Ageing is inevitable for us all, as we grow older our collagen levels reduce in our skin and our teeth begin to move and collapse inwards.

This creates the appearance of a narrow smile, where a significant amount of volume has been lost in the lower face.

But did you know Invisalign can help with this? Yes, you read that right, Invisalign clear aligners impressive counteract these problems by widening the smile and straightening the teeth.

This adds more structure and support to your mouth, and subsequently your face.

This can help to reduce the appearance of sagging.

Plus as Invisalign is virtually invisible it allows patients to carry out their treatments privately, and in these current times, behind a mask.

Meet your Invisalign Coordinator.

How does Invisalign work?

Before After Dental Braces

Hardly uncomfortable, Invisalign is fastly replacing traditional and conventional teeth straightening systems.

The rules:

  • Must be worn for 22 hours a day
  • Remove when eating and drinking
  • Brush teeth after every meal
  • Clean your aligners in the evening

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Paying for Invisalign: Finance options

Adult orthodontics costs from £2,000 and on average can spend anywhere between £3,000 and £5,000 for their treatment depending on the severity of the bite issues and the number of aligners required.

Paying for Invisalign is easier than ever with patients being able to spread the cost over 24 months with 0% finance options. Apply.

You can calculate how much you will have to pay a month here.

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What about other cosmetic procedures?

It’s not just Invisalign that can change your face…

Take our cosmetic dentistry quiz to see which procedure will be right for you.

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