London’s Number 1 Dentists for Invisalign

London’s #1 Invisalign Providers

Here at The Perfect Smile Studios, we only work with experienced and highly qualified dentists who hold the highest accreditations in their chosen field of dentistry.

We offer various types of Invisalign, from Invisalign Go to Invisalign Full, and have certain dentists which work on each system.

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One of our amazing dentists is Dr Gurs Sehmi, who is one of the most recommended dentists in the UK for braces.

A highly experienced specialist orthodontist, Dr Sehmi oversees the majority of our Invisalign patients as not every provider has the confidence or expertise to take on complex cases.

That’s why we always recommend that you visit us for a second opinion if you’ve been told that you’re not suitable for aligners.

invisalign doctor londonAnother notable dentist on our team with a specialist interest in Invisalign is Dr Sagar Shah, who is incredible at bite correction. Find him on the website.

His work has also gained him recognition in the annual Dentistry Awards, where he was a finalist for the Best Young Dentist in 2021.

Is Invisalign more expensive in London?

The location has been known to affect the cost of your treatment, for example, the average costs of Invisalign in London are around £2,770.90).

Our practice in Hertfordshire sits just outside of London, which means our London patients benefit from lower prices for better treatments.

Invisalign cost

Invisalign Go from £54.17pm*

invisalign finance price

Our Invisalign prices begin from £1,500.

Our prices include:

  • Free removable retainer upper and lower
  • Free fixed retainer upper and lower
  • Specialist-led treatment
  • Appointments, check-ups and aftercare
  • X-Rays, attachments, unlimited aligners
  • In-office visits and follow-up care

We offer exclusive Invisalign technology

  • SmartTrack materials
  • iTero 3D-scanning
  • SmartForce attachments

Our top-ranked Invisalign doctors offer more comfortable and faster experiences.

Not only do we have excellent dentists and orthodontists, but we also provide affordable treatments which can be spread over 24 months interest-free.

On top of this, it’s important for future patients to trust that they are in good hands – we’ve aesthetically improved and straightened thousands of smiles.

Benefits of choosing The Perfect Smile in London

  • No gooey mess with impression materials
  • No unpleasant tastes or smells
  • Immediate 3D scans
  • Faster delivery times for your individualised treatment plan
  • More accurate with a precise fit of your aligners and retainers
  • Eliminating the need to take any further impressions

what it's really like to wear invisalig braces

Learn about Invisalign

Discover everything you need to know about the treatment, to see information more in-depth visit our smile guide.

Types of Invisalign:

Who is Invisalign for?

Do you need Invisalign?

  • Overbite cases: When the upper jaw covers the lower jaw.
  • Crowded teeth: When there is not enough room for the upper and lower jaw to fit all your growing teeth.
  • Underbite: When there is insufficient growth of the upper jaw and it protrudes into an improper bite.
  • Open bite: When teeth on the upper and lower jaws do not meet.
  • Gapped teeth: When teeth have gaps between them.
  • Crossbite: When one or more upper jaw teeth bite on the interior of the lower set.

How to choose an Invisalign doctor:

Remember, the more experienced your Invisalign doctor is, the higher quality of care you’re likely to receive.

  1. Do not choose a general dentist but a licensed orthodontist
  2. Make sure to choose a dentist registered with Invisalign
  3. Do not opt for DIY at-home aligner kits that are mailed to your home (true Invisalign dentists will not be able to fix your teeth without having to examine your mouth)

To book your Invisalign consultation with The Perfect Smile, call 01992 552115.