Why Improving Your Smile is the Greatest Investment

Post-Lockdown Blues: Reasons to Invest in Your Smile

Over the years, we have treated thousands of patients who enter our practice unhappy with some aspect of their smile. 

Thankfully, cosmetic dentistry offers patients a solution to worn, overcrowded or crooked smiles and instead provides them with flawless, natural-looking teeth that last a lifetime.

So, if the cost might cause you to hesitate to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of, we ask you to take a minute to read this blog and discover the fantastic benefits that come from investing in your smile.

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A healthy smile tells a story

Evidence from polls conducted by credible sources tells us that people notice a smile more often than any other aspect of someone’s physical appearance.

The studies indicated that healthy, attractive smiles are perceived as intelligent, healthy, hard-working individuals.

Not to mention they were perceived to be more youthful and attractive.


Damaged, decayed or missing teeth tell a different story

Sadly those with misshapen smiles were perceived oppositely.

For example, missing teeth are associated with unemployment, unhealthy living and an aged appearance.

An employment poll revealed that those with flawed smiles were less likely to be offered a promotion or a job.

Your smile is what you present to the world.

The surveys, in this case, indicate that your smile does say a lot about you – whether the above is true or not.

  1. Tooth decay signals poor personal care.
  2. Bad breath can scare people away or lead to awkward social encounters

Therefore, many of our patients have chosen cosmetic dentistry to fight these stereotypes, renew their confidence and improve their professional circumstances.

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What do the statistics say?

  • 70%* (9.7 million) of people with bad teeth say it’s negatively affected their lives and that bad teeth affect their mental health.
  • 5.4 million (39%*) of those with bad teeth say they try to hide their smile or even avoid smiling altogether.
  • 4.4 million (31%*) people say that having bad teeth has made them less confident in public.
  • A poorly maintained mouth is making 2.1 million (15%*) feel depressed and is even stopping 400,000 (3%*) from leaving the house.
  • 10%* (1.4 million) don’t speak as much as they would if they had better teeth and one million (7%*) say their love life has been negatively affected.

Investing in your smile can lead to a profitable outcome

Ever heard of “service with a smile?”

The first rule of business and customer service is to start interactions with a smile, and it’s one of the biggest marketing secrets.

On top of this, entering a job interview with a smile is believed by experts to help you land a key role.

If you have a job that involves meeting people, you’ll want a smile you feel confident with, making you more approachable.

However, if you’re not happy with how your teeth look, you’ll go out of your way to hide your smile, which could be holding your career back.

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Build better connections

Laughter is known to be contagious, but really, it’s being around someone with a beautiful smile that makes all the difference.

Bright, white smiles create a welcoming and warm impression of the person, which helps everyone, including strangers, to warm to them and connect.

As the universal sign of happiness, smiling transcends language and can be a great way to communicate positive messages to others.

Therefore, a genuine, confident white smile helps others feel welcome and can help you in social situations, business, and personal life.

Feel good from head to toe

Not only does cosmetic dentistry have an apparent physical appeal, but little is reported on the promising effects it can have on someone’s mental health.

Studies from psychologists have shown that when you smile, you release endorphins, natural painkillers and serotonin that can make you happier.

Smiling here is linked to better health and has been proven to elevate your mood, relax your body and reduce physical pain or stress. As a natural drug, it can help your immune system function better, and some studies even suggest a longer lifespan.

However, please be aware that researchers have also discovered that smiling more frequently can make you feel worse if you fake it.

Moods can deteriorate and make you withdraw from work if you fake it, whereas genuine smiles improve moods and increase productivity.

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What can cosmetic dentistry do for you?

  • It can enhance your confidence, which is helpful in a variety of professional and personal situations.
  • When you are happy with how your teeth look, you will be encouraged to smile more often, good for your health.
  • Cosmetic dentistry does more for improving the appearance of your smile; it can also enhance and protect your oral health.
  • Cosmetic dentists can also help make you look and feel younger, taking away ageing signs like discoloured teeth, chips and gaps.
  • It helps you save on money later by investing now – the earlier you opt for cosmetic care, the better it can save you on higher restoration costs in the future.

Cosmetic procedures and what they improve

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