Do YOU need a dental implant?

Is your mouth aesthetically or functionally challenged because of tooth loss? Dental implants are a great solution.

If you have lost a tooth then there may be a compromise in your appearance or functioning of your teeth. The more teeth you lose the more debilitating your mouth becomes and the more aesthetically challenging your situation becomes.

Perfect Smile Studios offer a range of treatments to replace single or multiple missing teeth. Talk to our specialist cosmetic dentists on 01992 552115 for more information.

What does tooth loss mean to me?

• Cosmetic compromise

• Teeth function reduced

• More bite pressure on remaining teeth

• Facial appearance becomes affected

• Poor quality of enjoyment in food

• Poor digestion

How can bone be preserved to support dental implants?

A primary reason to consider dental implants to replace missing teeth is the maintenance of jawbone. Only teeth implants can stop this process and preserve the bone. Have a look at our implant dentistry FAQ’s.

Perfect Smile Studios has an expert implant team

It takes a cohesive dental team to assess and plan teeth implants placement and restoration of the implant with an artificial tooth.

The dental implant team consists of:

  • a dental surgical implantologist,
  • a periodontist,
  • oral surgeon, or a general dentist with advanced training in implant surgery;
  • a restorative dentist, who plans and places the tooth restorations;
  • a dental laboratory ceramist who fabricates the artificial porcelain teeth;
  • an anaesthetist if you require sedation;
  • two care nurses and a recovery nurse.

But most importantly, prior to any treatment you require extensive analysis and detailed planning. This allows you to understand all your options and all viable solutions.

If you have missing teeth but are unsure about the possibilities, then book your FREE Consultation to discuss your options.

Visit Perfect Smile Studios to keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy

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