How ageing skin compares to ageing teeth?

One aspect of aesthetics is great looking skin. The health and beauty industry has an immense following of people trying almost anything to get their perfect look.

Looking at it from a dentists point of view, skin care and dental care have a lot in common.

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How does youthful skin compare to your perfect smile?

Good-looking skin is clear, firm, smooth, and comfortable with a radiant, healthy looking glow. It has a healthy moisture barrier to let in the good and let the bad out. There’s an even, consistent turnover of dull, dead cells so fresher, livelier skin can surface. And it rests on a firm, springy “mattress” of collagen and elastin. Good skin protects the body.

In a similar way healthy good-looking teeth have a radiant clean and healthy sheerness to them. They should also be comfortable and not cause any pain. Healthy teeth also sit within a healthy foundation of gums, collagen, elastin and bone. They also function properly.

Keep skin and teeth looking their best

Your lifestyle affects the health of your skin. To help keep skin glowing, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get your beauty sleep nightly and exercise regularly.

These things also help your teeth stay healthy. Consistent daily oral care is essential. We advise a regular home care dental regime along with regular visits to the dental hygienist. 

Treat ageing teeth

Certain “blemishes” and discolourations on teeth need specific care too. Ageing of teeth can occur in the form of tooth erosion. This means that your teeth may look shorter and squarer than they should.

Yellowing of teeth also occurs as teeth age and hence your perfect smile is deprived of overall appearance of youth and vitality.

Use cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile

Firstly, you need a detailed smile analysis to discover the exact causes of unsightly teeth. The treatments advised would be dependent on the deficiencies assessed in your smile. The final treatment plan will be specifically designed to address the appearance of your teeth taking into account the level of dentistry that you require.

It is critical that you have ample time to understand all your options and that you have a tailor-made treatment plan that is customised to your specific type of teeth, any underlying conditions that may be rapidly aging your teeth and also the final design including treatment options of your choice must suit your face.

For this reason we would like to offer you a complimentary consultation to discuss how we can help you.


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