What a Lost Tooth Can Cost You

What a Lost Tooth Really Costs You 

Have you lost a back tooth or somewhere in the visible part of your smile?

Did you know ignoring missing teeth can risk your health and cost you more money in the future?

Whilst many patients we meet at first are complacent about their missing teeth, their opinions quickly change when we show them the damage that this causes for their health, remaining teeth and not to mention facial aesthetics.

And once the damage has been done, it can be very costly to correct.

Replace teeth today.

Missing molars and premolars (lost tooth in back teeth)

Before and after photos of implants

It’s often common in adults to lose a back molar, which more often than not is down to gum disease.

And since back molars do not necessarily affect the overall appearance of your smile, it can cause other problems, so it’s likely not the best idea to skip replacing them.

Beware! Missing a tooth, even if you have lost just one, can cause permanent damage to your entire mouth.

Dental implants are usually recommended as the best tooth-replacement option as it prevents the jaw bone from shrinking.

Single implants can cost from £2,000 for single tooth loss. Whereas, bridges may be more suitable if you have a tooth on either side of your gap. Whilst bridges are more affordable, they do not boast the same healthy benefits as dental implants.

What happens if you ignore missing molars:

  • Difficulty eating and chewing foods like vegetables, fruits and other crunchy foods – a soft food diet is recommended
  • Decreased facial support
  • Bone in the jaw slowly decreases

Missing canines and incisors (lost tooth in front teeth)

Before and after photo of dental implant treatment

Smiles tend to look abnormal when a lateral incisor is missing. What we find with patients who have lost a front tooth is a huge decline in their confidence.

We found that those who had lost a front tooth saw a 29% decline in social situations as well as a further 38% in romantic situations.

Therefore, here, the biggest cost is your sense of self and confidence, not to mention the other negative consequences that come with missing teeth.

The best case to replace lost teeth here is to use dental implants, not only will it benefit your oral condition but restore your appearance in the most natural way modern dentistry can offer.

The cheaper alternative is dentures, however, these come with their own limitations and negative reviews.

Save your face and other teeth with dental implants

From above, you can see that teeth are vitally important, not just for eating and speaking but the way it shapes your appearance.

Whilst one lost tooth may be bearable for some, this has been known to cause other teeth to move and shift, encouraging future tooth loss.

The only real way; and the best way (in our professional opinion) to save your face and retain a healthy jawbone and facial muscles is to consider dental implants.

Bridges are also a traditional favourite, but they are limited in the fact that they are not attached to the jawbone, which means they will be unable to retain their strength. Plus, compared to dental implants, bridges are not permanent.

See: Missing teeth options.

Implant benefits

  • Lasts 25 years or more
  • Strong and promote goods jawbone health
  • Look and feel just like natural teeth
  • Improves chewing and speaking

implant tooth replacements

Missing teeth consequences

There are several problems missing teeth can cause including shrinking of the jaw bone, affected sinuses, uneven bites, further tooth loss and facial collapse.

When you lose a tooth, it is recommended to replace it straight away, this is because damage often occurs fairly soon as well as gradually. So one day you might wake up and see your face has changed.

Once you have lost a significant amount of bone in the jaw, even dental implants will no longer be a viable option. Often, to make implants a reality, bone graft and sinus lift treatments need to occur.

This is why dentists urge their patients to act fast before the jawbone is compromised as it is a massive and difficult task, as well as a particularly expensive process.

If you would like The Perfect Smile to help you with missing teeth or single tooth loss, get in touch here. Let’s see what we can do.

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